5 Best wetsuit boots for kitesurfing 2018

When it comes to kitesurfing, it is a famous watersport which consists of riding on a board while using a large steerable kite. Contrary to popular belief, it’s only the speed of the wind which you require to steer yourself from one place to the other. So even if the name suggests so, kitesurfing does not require waves for the sake of movement.

Top 5 Kiteboarding Booties

Model Thickness
O’Neill Heat Round Toe 3 mm
Hyperflex AMP Split Toe 5 mm
Rip Curl Flash Bomb Hidden Split Toe 3 mm
O’Neill Superfreak Tropical Split Toe 2 mm
O’Neill Superfreak Tropical Round Toe 2 mm

However, one thing which is required for a flawless surfing experience – in this adventure sport – is a pair of wetsuit boots. The best wetsuit boots for kitesurfing come with a sturdy design which will protect your feet from rocks, sea urchins, and other such sea elements. In addition, the kiteboarding booties incorporate a certain degree of insulation which will keep your feet warm on a consistent basis.

So if you’re going to spend a considerable time on the board for kitesurfing, it is beneficial to do a bit of research before investing in a pair of kiteboarding booties.

Buying Guide – Things to look for in the Best Wetsuit boots for Kitesurfing


When it comes to the best kitesurf shoes, they are normally categorized into two different types: Split Toe Wet Suit Boots and Round Toe Wet Suit Boots: Both of these types come with their own sets of pros and cons so before choosing any one of them, it is imperative that one should be familiar with their advantages as well as disadvantages.

Round Toe Wetsuit Boots: When it comes to amateur to mid-level surfers, they normally prefer round toe wetsuit boots over their split toe counterparts. This particular type incorporates a rounded end construction which is much similar to that of your everyday shoes.

As they are easier to design, they also come at a much cheaper price. Furthermore, when these kiteboard boots combine all your toe ends, it eventually results in a greater degree of warmth inside this footwear.

Split Toe Wetsuit Boots: This type of kiteboarding booties is famous with the experienced surfers who’re going to spend an extended duration of time on their boards. In this design, the toe end of the shoe is separated into two different parts. One of them accommodates your big toe while the other end supports the rest of your feet toes.

The Split toe wetsuit boots, thanks to their intuitive design, helps keep your foot stable inside this footwear. It restricts unwanted feet movement which eventually allows the wearer to maintain a firm grip while riding on the surfboard. However, when it comes to maintaining warm feet, this style lacks a bit as compared to the round end toe boot.


A majority of kiteboard boots, which are available in today’s marketplace, come with 3mm – 7mm of Neoprene. Greater the thickness, the warmer the pair of shoes will be for your own convenience.

If you’re going to surf in the hotter outdoors, it might be beneficial to choose a pair of boots with 3mm of thickness. But while surfing in winter, you might need a greater degree of Neoprene around your footwear.

Having said that, there is no rule of thumb when it comes to determining the thickness of your kitesurfing boot. For example, when some people suffer from cold feet, they can wear highly insulated boots around the clock. So apart from the weather, it eventually comes down to your personal preference while selecting the thickness of your ideal footwear.


When you put on a pair of shoes for kitesurfing, you’re adding a few kilograms of weight on the surfboard. It means that the kite will have to generate greater power – with the help of the wind – to accommodate this increase in weight. As a result, one should always select a lightweight pair of kiteboard booties.

One thing which customers have to keep in mind that there are two types of weight which they could associate with the wetsuit boots. One of them is the dry weight which is the weight of this entity in your own hand. As per the other type, which is more important as well, it is the wet weight which can be measured once your shoes are in the water. So while making this purchase, keep this thing in mind that this shoe will feel a bit heavier in actual use, as compared to its real weight, due to the accumulation of water.

Proper Fit

Kiteboard boots should always be selected with utmost care. Your kiteboard boots shouldn’t be too tight, which might crush your feet, and they shouldn’t be too loose or they might get filled with water. In both cases, you’ll end up surfing with uncomfortable feet.

On the first time of usage, the best kitesurf shoes should feel a bit snug as they will eventually loosen up with frequent use. In this way, they will not rub your feet and at the same time, any such footwear wouldn’t be vulnerable to getting flushed with water.

Top 5 Wetsuit Boots for Kitesurfing

Best Hi Top Wetsuit Boots – O’Neill Wetsuits Heat 3mm Round Toe Boot

Available in a stylish black design, this product comes from O’Neill which has manufactured a series of high-quality kiteboarding booties in the past few years. Having a solid reputation amongst the surfing enthusiasts, the O’Neill Wetsuits Heat 3mm Round Toe Boot is the latest product from this particular brand.

The kitesurfing boost is designed for all those surfers who want to spend long days in open water. Incorporating hi-top design, this product comes with a top shin strap which works extremely well when it comes to keeping water from entering inside these boots. In addition, it provides a secure fit around your ankle region which is beneficial for all those surfers who have suffered some kind of ankle injuries in the past.

The Neoprene material makes sure that a considerable degree of warmth is maintained inside these wetsuit boots at all times. This model is basically designed for hotter environments where you need little insulation around your feet. Besides, if you get cold feet pretty easily, you can wear these shoes any time around the year. However, in case you’re going to surf in extremely cold outdoors, you might need a little more insulation than what is being offered by this product.

Coming towards the Round toe design, it is extremely easy to adjust, even for the newbies, which makes this model an instant success amongst a wide range of users. As compared to the slip-toe design, this one fits true to its size so you can order these boots in your actual feet dimensions.

Furthermore, the O’Neill Wetsuits Heat 3mm Round Toe Boot is both glued and blindstitched. When it gives this product a seamless look, it ensures the longevity of this product. You can wear this kitesurfing boot in or even around the beach and it won’t fall apart even after intense use.

For added foot protection, the manufacturer has employed rubber soles on the bottom of this product. Having suitable treads, this shoe grips pretty well on the surfboard and when it is quite thick, it will also protect your feet from all the elements which it could encounter on the beach.


  • Versatile footwear can be used for other beach activities in addition to kitesurfing
  • Decent kitesurfing boot for elevated temperatures
  • Thick rubber outsole delivers aggressive traction
  • Durable construction makes it a long-lasting product


  • Not ideal for surfing in cold waters
  • A bit too tight for wider feet

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Hyperflex AMP 5mm Split Toe Boot

If you’re looking for a high-quality kitesurfing boot at a very affordable price, have a look at the Hyperflex AMP 5mm Split Toe Boot. Available in a modest price range, this product makes sure that you can enjoy your kitesurfing experience without breaking your bank.

Featuring a slip toe design, this is an ideal footwear for all those surfers who want to have maximum control over the surfboard. When such a construction keeps your toes locked in, you can perform all sorts of tricks, on the board, without any hindrance.

This boot comes with a 5mm AMP-foam throughout for added comfort. When you have to perform a wide range of motions while surfing, or even when you’re walking on the beach, this foam, which is basically an engineered form of Neoprene, allows maximum flexibility while making sure that your feet stay dry on a consistent basis.

For easy on/off, the Hyperflex AMP 5mm Split Toe Boot comes with a sturdy heel tab on the back which makes it easy to get in or out of these kitesurfing booties. There is an adjustable Velcro strap which makes sure that you can adjust this shoe as per your feet dimensions. For example, if you’ve wide feet, you can loosen it up for a comfortable fit. On the contrary, users with narrow feet just have to tighten the Velcro in order to get a snug fit.

On the bottom of these wetsuit boots is the diamond skin sole which performs extremely well when it comes to delivering impeccable traction. With its help, you don’t have to experience unintended slippages on the surfboard as you’ll enjoy a firm grip at all the times.

Coming towards the Exo shell membrane which is designed on the exterior of this model, it gives additional heel support apart from furnishing an upper arch support. As per the thick GBS seams, which are both doubled glued as well as blind stitched for enhancing the durability of this product.

Finally, the Hyperflex AMP 5mm Split Toe Boot incorporates thermal lining which, as evident from its name, traps body heat coming out of your feet and then makes use of it to keep your feet warm on a consistent basis.


  • Diamond skin sole furnishes a decent level of traction
  • Adjustable Velcro strap makes it easy to get a snug fit
  • Comes at a really affordable price
  • P4 Thermal lining ensures warm feet even in colder outdoors


  • Tends to run big in size
  • Split toe might be difficult to adjust for newbies

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Rip Curl Flash Bomb Hidden Split Toe Wetsuit

The Rip Curl Flash Bomb Hidden Split Toe Wetsuit is ideal for all those users who want to enjoy maximum board feel, without sacrificing traction, in this watersport. Incorporating rubber sole, which is specially designed for the sake of surfing, this is the thinnest sole as compared to any other product on this list. In addition, this sole comes equipped with special cutaways which means that apart from having a premium board feel, you’ll also enjoy impeccable traction on the board while wearing these kiteboarding booties.

The kitesurfing boot is made of 3mm neoprene which means that you can use this product, in hotter conditions, without any hindrance. Apart from keeping your feet dry on a considerable basis, this material exhibits an enhanced level of flexibility which makes this product ideal for anyone looking to perform a number of tricks on the surfboard. Moreover, when it dries up pretty quickly, thanks to the superior flash lining, it means that you don’t have to suffer from wet feet after purchasing this footwear.

The Rip Curl Flash Bomb Hidden Split Toe Wetsuit comes with a sturdy hook and loop strap which ensures maximum feet security along with a minimum passage for water. As per their sizing, this product does feel a bit snug at the start so it might be beneficial to go one size bigger than your actual feet size.

One thing which we found quite impressive in this shoe’s design is the fact that it comes with a hidden split toe. As compared to an external toe-design, which is often vulnerable to getting caught in water waves, no such problem exists with this product. You can use it as you want without any danger of getting tripped over by water getting caught between your toes.

So if you’re one of those surfers who would prefer better board feel along with an enhanced degree of traction, the Rip Curl Flash Bomb Hidden Split Toe Wetsuit can be your ideal purchase.


  • Premium board feeling with thin soles
  • 3mm Neoprene makes it ideal kiteboard boots for hot weather
  • Hidden Split toe design saves you from getting caught in the leash


  • Runs a bit small in size
  • Not recommended for surfing in extremely cold outdoors

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O’Neill Wetsuits Mens Superfreak Tropical 2 mm Split Toe Boot

If you’re looking for a highly innovative pair of wetsuit boots for kitesurfing, one which comes preloaded with a wide range of hi-tech features, have a look at the O’Neill Wetsuits Mens Superfreak Tropical 2 mm Split Toe Boot. Coming from a trusted manufacturer like O’Neill which is a popular brand in the field of wetsuit boots, this is one of the best kitesurf shoes which you can purchase from today’s market.

The O’Neill Wetsuits Mens Superfreak Tropical 2 mm Split Toe Boot features a low-cut design for all those surfing enthusiasts which prefer minimum resistance around their feet. Such a design eventually allows them to enjoy maximum maneuverability.

As the name suggests, this product is basically designed for users who’ve to surf under warmer climates. When such kind of conditions would require a minimal level of thickness, this model comes with just 2mm of Neoprene. As a result, users can wear it all day long, under rising temperatures, without any hesitation.

This shoe features a durable rubber outsole which does so well when it comes to grip on the surfboard. When it enhances natural on-the-board feeling, it also makes sure that its wearer stays surefooted on a consistent basis.

For optimal fit, this product comes with an adjustable cinch just around its ankle region. You can adjust this cinch, as per your ankle size, for making sure that you get a snug fit inside this model. Furthermore, the hook and loop strap – which is provided around the ankle region – makes sure that your feet stay protected inside this footwear. Both these factors combine effectively for reducing the amount of water which can enter inside these kitesurfing booties.

Even if some amount of water does enter inside this boot despite all the aforesaid arrangements, O’Neill has provided several little drain holes on one side of this kitesurfing boot. So when this boot dries up pretty quickly, you can also use it in shallow warm waters.

Furthermore, the O’Neill Wetsuits Mens Superfreak Tropical 2 mm Split Toe Boot comes with reinforced toes which means that even after regular wear and tear, this boot will stand tall when it comes to delivering optimal performance.


  • Low-cut design enhances the shoe’s maneuverability
  • Adjustable cinch provides secure fit around your ankle
  • Reinforced toe enhances the durability of this boot
  • Split toe design makes it a comfortable footwear for long-term usage


  • Not ideal for cold waters

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O’Neill Wetsuits Mens Superfreak Tropical 2mm Round Toe Boot

Yet another product from O’Neill, the O’Neill Wetsuits Mens Superfreak Tropical 2mm Round Toe Boot is designed for amateur to mid-level surfers who often find it uncomfortable to surf on a pair of split toe boots. Incorporating round toe design, this shoe results in a slightly warmer arrangement which mean that apart from using it in elevated temperatures, you can also wear these kitesurfing booties in slightly colder conditions.

The O’Neill Wetsuits Mens Superfreak Tropical 2mm Round Toe Boot features 2mm Neoprene which is used in the entire construction of this boot. It comes with a low-top design which, as compared to its high-top counterpart, allows a regular passage of air. Such a construction is beneficial for all those users who’ve to surf under the scorching heat of the sun. Especially in tropical conditions, where a high-top design might result in sweaty feet, your feet will remain sweat free inside these low-cut wetsuit boots.

For making sure that no external environmental elements, including water, can get inside these boots, O’Neill has employed a couple of special arrangements. Firstly, this product comes with a pull strap, on its back, which comes handy when you’re looking to fit these shoes around your ankle region. And secondly, it comes with a forefoot strap which, apart from proving a precise fit around your feet, offers superior arch support. This particular feature is not very common with other wetsuit boots but when it is present in this one it allows you to do whatever you want on the surfboard with utmost confidence.

As a precautionary measure, the O’Neill Wetsuits Mens Superfreak Tropical 2mm Round Toe Boot comes equipped with drain holes. It makes sure that even if some amount of water enters inside these boots – which is highly unlikely – it will readily flow out as a result of such a flawless arrangement.

Coming towards the thin rubber outsole, which is specially designed for watersports, it isn’t very durable when it comes to long-distance running on the sand or any other such activities. So as long as you stick to using this product on water, it will keep on providing you with an ultimate level of performance.


  • Round toe design makes them easy to fit even for the newbies
  • Forefoot strap offers secure fit around your feet
  • Ankle cord keeps your feet from sliding
  • Rubber outsole grips nicely with the surfboard


  • Proper sizing seems to be an issue with these kiteboarding booties

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