Best Anemometers (Wind Meter) for Kiteboarding

The anemometer has been around for ages, and its working principle hasn’t changed much since, albeit it undertook multiple “facelifts”, to put it like this. Nowadays, anemometers are available in various shapes and sizes and can be used for different purposes.

If you get your own electricity by using wind turbines, it is absolutely crucial that you use an accurate anemometer. If you do not, you might not be able to produce enough electricity because the wind might just blow in a totally different direction or not enough of it would hit the turbines.

One can opt for a:

  • Mechanical anemometer
  • Ultrasonic anemometer

It’s been proved that the ultrasonic type provides more accurate results and it does it a lot quicker than the mechanical one. However, the ultrasonic ones are less affordable than their mechanical counterparts.

Besides weather forecasting and measuring wind, anemometers can also be used in constructions and even for measuring the efficiency of one’s air conditioning system. If you’re new to anemometers, you probably have no clue where and how to begin searching for one.

We’ve got you covered, as we’ve prepared some brief reviews for 5 of the best anemometers you can get your hands on.

Our Top Choices

Best Handheld Anemometer

1. HOLDPEAK 866B Digital Anemometer

HOLDPEAK 866B Digital AnemometerDigital anemometers are a good pick for those who have never used an anemometer before since they provide quick and accurate results almost immediately. This HOLDPEAK is powered by 2 AAA batteries, 1.5 V each.

It can measure winds of up to 69mph, which isn’t bad at all for an anemometer in this price range. Apart from wind speed, it allows you to measure wind chill and temperature (both in Fahrenheit and Celsius).

The results are shown on an LCD screen and are very easy to read. You can also use it during the night, thanks to the backlight of the screen. Many anemometers that sell for this price are poorly made.

This, however, is sturdy and durable. Moreover, it can be mounted on a tripod or a stick for hands-free operation. The HOLDPEAK 866B is ideal for people who want to fly their drones and make sure they won’t be crashed by strong winds.

Main Features:

  • Wind speed accuracy: 0.1 digits
  • Backlight (stays on for 15 seconds)
  • Sturdy construction
  • Multifunctional
  • Low battery indicator
  • 0.1 m/s resolution
  • 0.3 – 30 m/s wind speed range
  • Lanyard, case and use manual included in the package

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Best Wind Speed Meter

2. Proster Portable Wind Speed Meter

Proster Portable Wind Speed MeterThis Proster wind speed meter is by excellence a multiunit one, given that it allows you to measure the speed of the wind in all main 5 units: mph, knots, m/s, ft./min and km/h.

The meter features a rubber cover on the sides and the back, which facilitates a good grip. It has a Flow Area Setting and a Max/Min function, a backlight and, like most wind meters these days, an indicator of low battery.

If the first meter was powered by two 1.5V batteries, this one requires a 9V battery. It might look like it’s really heavy, but it’s surprisingly lightweight and won’t strain your arm. The readout is generous and makes reading the results a piece of cake.

This reading can be kept on the display by pressing the “Hold” button. This feature will come in handy if you’re doing data analysis and comparisons. All things considered, this is a great wind meter and it’s more than affordable.

Main Features:

  • Multiunit
  • Backlight
  • A MAX/MIN function
  • A setting for Flow Area
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Non-slip rubber cover
  • Lightweight and quite ergonomic
  • Bag, battery and user manual included in the price

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Best Budget Anemometer

3. Proster LCD Wind Speed Meter

Proster LCD Wind Speed MeterIt shouldn’t come as a surprise that the third anemometer in our top is a Proster, as well. This one can be used for measuring temperature, wind chill, and wind speed range. It features a large, backlit LCD screen and non-slip rubber cover.

Like the previous Proster model, it’s got a Hold Data button. Two unique features that weren’t found on the other one are the pressure sensor and NTC thermometer, which will surely make a difference in the accuracy of the results.

This Proster is powered by a 3V battery and has both manual and automatic power off. The temperature can be read in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. All in all, this is an amazing anemometer, especially because it’s in the $20 price range.

Thanks to the fact that it has only 2 buttons, it will be extremely easy to use by people who’ve just purchased their first anemometer. We highly recommend this to anyone who’s shopping on a poor budget and wants a reliable product.

Main Features:

  • 0-30m/s wind speed range
  • Multiunit (all 5 measuring units can be used)
  • 10-45 centigrade wind temperature range
  • Indicator for wind chill
  • Backlight
  • Pressure sensor
  • Data Hold

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Best Smartphone Anemometer

4. Vaavud Wind Speed Meter

Vaavud Wind Speed MeterAnemometers, the digital ones, in particular, have many electronic circuits in them. An anemometer like this Vaavud, on the other hand, is completely devoid of electronics. These are replaced by a smartphone app.

This app can be used on a large variety of smartphones and other devices: iPhone 5, 4s and 4, all Apple iPads, as well as on Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, and S2. The maximum wind speed that can be read with this anemometer is 25 m/s.

All you have to do in order to start making readings is to plug the anemometer in the jack of your smartphone or tablet. The main disadvantage of this anemometer – a serious one, we daresay – is that it costs more than two average handheld digital ones.

The portability and ease of use make up for a good portion of the price, but they don’t justify it fully. Perhaps the fact that it doesn’t have any electronics, therefore is not prone to malfunctioning, has an impact on the price, too.

We don’t know about you, but its price tag makes this Vaavud unaffordable.

Main Features:

  • Starts reading only if the wind is a minimum 5 mph
  • Very tough construction
  • High precision

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Best Anemometer For iPhone

5. Yellow Jacket ABM-100 Anemometer

Yellow Jacket ABM-100 AnemometerUnlike the previous smartphone anemometer, this has been specifically designed for HVAC, which stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning; subsequently, it can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Without a doubt, the best thing about this is its size: so tiny that it fits in your pocket easily and it’s always up for grabs. The app is extremely responsive and accurate and is no less efficient than a handheld anemometer.

The price, once again, is quite high, but if you’re willing to go with it, then so be it. This tiny piece of equipment is durable and a nice addition to your pocket if you fly a drone, hike or go sailing.

The thing with smartphone anemometers is that, since they work only if paired with their designated app, they can last you for a lifetime.

Obviously, you can’t say that about a handheld anemometer, which can break if dropped or hit. In this sense, perhaps the price of this one is realistic. If it’s too much, you can always opt for any of the previous anemometers we’ve reviewed.

Main Features:

  • Plugs in the Jack port
  • Works on Android and Apple smartphones
  • Weighs 1.6 ounces
  • Measurements: 2 x 2 x 2”

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