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Kiteboarding is an exciting activity, especially when you don’t have a boat at hand. All you have to do is hop on your board, get your kite and you’ll be on the way to having a lot of fun. It would be safe to argue that there are few sports as exhilarating as kiteboarding.

Also referred to as kitesurfing, this sport incorporates a unique mixture of elements that are specific to surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, skateboarding, and paragliding. Originally, it has been invented in the South of France, between the late 1970s and the early 1980s.


From that point onward, kiteboarding has grown in popularity. At the time being, it is acknowledged as one of the fastest growing sports in the world. And the best thing about it is that you can choose from state-of-the-art equipment that maximizes your safety and reduces the likelihood of unwanted incidents.

That being said, one of the most important accessories is the harness. Its purpose is to help you have stability on the water; thus, making kiteboarding much more achievable. The best harness should be comfortable, durable, and supportive.

We’ve taken the liberty of reviewing some of the best products on the market for you. Make sure you take into consideration our reviews if you’re looking for the best kiteboarding harness!

Kitesurfing Harness Reviews – Our Top Choices

Best Kiteboarding Harness for Beginners

Mystic WARRIOR V Kitesurf Harness 2017

Mystic WARRIOR V Kitesurf Harness 2017To start with, our first recommendation of top-quality kitesurfing harness is this product manufactured by Mystic – one of the most reputable manufacturers of kiteboarding equipment. It is lightweight, comfortable and strong – everything you’d expect of a high-quality harness.

As a matter of fact, we could say that this harness is more than suitable for a wide range of land and water-based activities, being quite versatile. By using lightweight, innovative foam, the weight of the harness is notably reduced – in comparison with previous products engineered by the same manufacturer.

As a result, your comfort and stability are greatly enhanced. It goes without saying that these are the main priorities for beginners. At the same time, the neoprene edges optimize your comfort, ensuring an excellent fit.

Concurrently, thanks for the excellent back support, you can ride longer and harder without experiencing any tension in your back. That is because the design aims at distributing the pressure and tension evenly on the entire body.

Thanks to the use of kinetic back support KM3, the harness is created to continually adapt to the changing positions of the human body. Plus, the sides of the harness are flexible on points – of course, where the load distribution enables that.

All things considered, this is a first-class harness, which works equally well with freestyle and wave riding. It is surprisingly comfortable and non-restrictive.

That is to say, you enjoy good movement and mobility without feeling constrained in any way. These features make it one of the top products on the market at the time being, specifically for beginners.

Main Features

  • Human kinetic technology system
  • H-flex force frame
  • 3D anatomical back support
  • Flex edge
  • Soft neoprene edges
  • Battle belt waist closure

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Best Kite Waist Harness

Ride Engine Hex Core Harness 2018

Ride Engine Hex Core Harness 2018Another item that is worthy of your attention is the Ride Engine Hex Core Harness. This particular harness is characterized by an innovative, excellent design that is likely to change the way in which you experience kiteboarding.

The very core of this harness features a hard shell. Its fundamental purpose is to evenly distribute the load across the lumbar area and hips. Simultaneously, it is supposed to lock the harness low on your back, exactly where it is supposed to be in order to maximize your performance.

The honeycomb core facilitates a bit more flexibility in comparison to other products. Due to this high-tech construction method, you enjoy unmatched comfort. At the same time, the buckle system is simple and efficient – meaning that it will lock firmly into place at all times.

If you’re a fan of this sport, then you must know that there are times when you have to rotate your harness from side to side in order to get the right pull. Evidently, this range of motions implies that the harness should be loose enough to facilitate both vertical and torsional movement.

The good thing is that this harness doesn’t rotate or slide, it stays put – exactly how it should be. The setup ensures a full range of motions, so that you can do your magic in spite of the wind and splashing waves.

Main Features

  • Armor shell
  • Precision fit
  • Alliance belt
  • Low profile design
  • Speed lock loop closure system
  • New, fusion foam

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Best Freestyle Kite Harness (for Freestyle)

Mystic Majestic X

Mystic Majestic XThe Majestic X is another elite harness that is packed with an outstanding range of innovative features and new technology. Mystic has engineered a Bionic Core Frame. This is actually the base of the harness, being made of high-end carbon fiber – which is stiff and durable, while providing you with optimal flexibility through the sides.

This is mainly accomplished thanks to the carbon weave, which perfectly combines stiffness and flexibility – this is of critical importance when it comes to freestyle kitesurfing.

According to the manufacturer, this should provide you with unmatched comfort. What is more, the non-slip EVA pads stay put on the waist, in order to prevent the harness from moving around, which can be a real drag.

Furthermore, neoprene is used as it facilitates optimal comfort. We can assure you that this harness is exceedingly comfortable for spending long days on the water. Even after riding for several hours, you won’t feel any notable pressure points or uncomfortable areas, which is very important.

Main Features

  • Bionic core frame
  • Non-slip Eva molded foam
  • IV foam
  • Bionic core frame plate
  • Battle belt waist closure
  • Hook knife incorporated into the spreader bar

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Best Seat Harness

DaKine Unisex Fusion Kite Harnesses

DaKine Unisex Fusion Kite HarnessesWe could say that this unisex item incorporates the perfect mixture of control and comfort in a low-profile seat harness. Many kitesurfing fans prefer a seat harness because it offers optimal lower back support and riding comfort.

Concurrently, we could argue that seat harnesses can be great for beginners as well. Thanks to the lower hook point and center of gravity, this is an excellent option if you’re coping with back problems.

The fundamental difference between seat and waist harnesses is that the waist ones don’t feature leg straps. Evidently, the harness should fit perfectly in order for you to enjoy optimal performance. In this respect, the padded harness sides shouldn’t touch each other or overlap.

As a rule of thumb, the harness should facilitate a distance that ensures a 1 to 2-inch overlap. We consider DaKine to be a top manufacturer of seat harnesses, and this model is a great product that is likely to impress you.

Due to the memory foam pressure relief zones and the self-tensioning leg straps, you get a comfortable, secure fit. Obviously, these features play an important role in distributing the weight evenly while improving your endurance and control.

Main Features

  • 8-point load dispersion system
  • Dual blade hook knife
  • Memory foam pressure point relief zones
  • Hammerhead spreader bar
  • Power clip lock buckle system
  • Curve composite flex shell

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Best Kiteboarding Harness Shorts

Dakine Men’s Nitrous HD Kiteboard Harness

Dakine Men's Nitrous HD Kiteboard HarnessThe thing that would best describe these harness shorts is ultimate comfort. As you might expect, these shorts are a great option for beginners. They are quite comfortable, offering the same support as a seat harness. The casual look comes as an advantage.

The design of kiteboarding shorts is quite similar to that of seat harnesses. They feature neoprene internal leg straps. This prevents the shorts from riding up. At the same time, they facilitate a lower hook point.

Similar to other Dakine pieces of equipment, these shorts feature the push button Hammerhead spreader bar, an integrated handle, 8-point load dispersion system. On top of that, the shorts have leash attachments.

The material dries really quickly, which is, evidently, a notable advantage when you’re kitesurfing.

All in all, we could say that these shorts perfectly combine performance and comfort, especially due to the casual board short style.

Main Features

  • Comfortable internal leg straps
  • Quick-dry, lightweight fabric
  • 8-point load dispersion system
  • Dual blade hook knife
  • Push button hammerhead spreader bar
  • Left/right side leash attachment ring

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Best Women’s Kite Harness

Dakine Women’s Wahine Kite Windsurf Harness

Dakine Women's Wahine Kite Windsurf HarnessMost women who practice kitesurfing know that finding high-quality equipment that fits them perfectly can be quite a challenge. Still, one of the kite harnesses that is likely to address your needs is the Dakine Wahine Kite. Over the years, the original model has gone through numerous improvements, in order to meet the individual needs of women.

The Wahine features a pre-curved P.E.B inner support structure. This maintains the shape of the harness. At the same time, the added memory foam ensures that you feel super comfortable after every kitesurfing session.

Moreover, the power belt system keeps the harness snug to the body, at all times. Moving on, the spreader bar pad is smooth, as there are no sharp edges that could make you uncomfortable. Plus, if you don’t secure the harness tightly enough, there is an additional strap, which does a decent job of keeping the harness secure.

Thanks to the power clip lock buckle system, you can rest assured that the harness won’t come out at a wrong time. If you intend to upgrade your equipment, it is good to know that this harness is compatible with both the Leverlock and Maniac spreader bards.

You also get a knife, which is tucked into the bar pad, considering that something unanticipated happens and you need to slash your way out of there. Concurrently, it comes with a range of leash attachment points that optimize the fit.

Also, there are some colorful designs you can choose from, depending on your personal style and preferences.

All in all, there’s not much to complain about this harness system. It is meant to suit a wide range of styles and figures, which is reassuring.

Main Features

  • Pre-curved inner support structure
  • Two-side key-knife pockets
  • Left/right side leash attachment rings
  • Memory foam pressure point relief zones
  • Removable leash and handle attachment
  • Dual blade hook knife

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Runner-up for Best Women’s Kite Harness

Mystic Ladies Diva Multi-Use Waist Harness

Mystic Ladies Diva Multi-Use Waist HarnessAnother great option for a top-quality kite harness for women is this one manufactured by Mystic. As you can see, many of our recommendations for products are Mystic harnesses, since they are among the best ones on the market.

This particular one is surprisingly comfortable, thanks to the soft feel and specialized female shape.

For one thing, the edges of the harness feature folded neoprene.

Moreover, thanks to the double neoprene, you get unmatched levels of comfort – this is something that most previous customers have mentioned. Feeling any type of discomfort as you kitesurf can be a drag, stealing all your joy and excitement.

Still, the smart design does a decent job at preventing any discomfort that may emerge due to the stiffer parts of the harness. The low torque fixation is specific to Mystic, and its primary goal is to prevent the spread bar from rotating.

In the meantime, the low torque fixation is incorporated in the side of the spreader bar. We could say that, due to the clicker bar system, you get a quick-release system that is really comfortable at the same time.

Moreover, the harness features covered side parts. This is going to prevent releases. At the same time, this type of covering offers a space for the webbing strap.

All in all, this piece of equipment is likely to meet your needs; it offers you stability, comfort, and durability – what more can you ask of it?

Main Features

  • HP system included
  • Covered side parts
  • Battle belt waist closure
  • It is specifically designed to fit the female shape
  • Multi-hook, 4-point system
  • Soft neoprene edges
  • Spreader bar protector

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