Best Kitesurfing Helmet to Take on Your Adventures

If you are a beginner, kitesurfing can be a fairly intimidating experience. Like every kind of adventure, it comes with certain risks – so in order to keep yourself safe, you need to make sure that you have a sturdy, protective helmet.

If you are planning a kitesurfing adventure but don’t know what to look for, this guide will help you make up your mind. Here are a few aspects that you might want to keep in mind.

Kitesurfing Helmet

Kitesurfing Helmet Recommendations

Each helmet is different in its own way. They differ in size, style, protection – so you need to be careful and choose only the one that benefits you the most.


Choosing the right fit is crucial when it comes to purchasing a kitesurfing helmet. If the helmet is too large, then it won’t offer you the protection that you need. On the other hand, if it’s too tight, it will be very uncomfortable, and a nice kitesurfing day may be rudely brought to a halt by a headache.

Protection Level

Some kitesurfing helmets are meant to protect you against impact while others are mostly for protecting you against the weather. If you are a beginner, then you may want to go for a thicker-padded helmet, since it will prevent any damage from impact.

On the other hand, if you are already a pro, a waterproof helmet with less padding may be a better choice. They are more lightweight as well, making them a portable choice.

best Kitesurfing Helmet


The style of a helmet can indeed be very important since you’ll be wearing that helmet on your every escapade. There are several styles that you can choose from, most of them being custom-made by certain companies.

These styles include classic, B2, two-faced, and ace wake – all of which can be chosen in different patterns and colors. Select the one that suits your style the most.


Depending on the manufacturer, each kiteboarding helmet will have its own extra features. For instance, some helmets may have removable ear flaps, for extra warmth.

Others may have an adjustable feature, so that “one size can fit all.” Others were made from a thermo-protective material, to ensure you are not cold at low temperatures. Read all features before buying a new helmet.

Kiteboarding Helmet Reviews

Mystic Kiteboarding Helmet

Mystic 2017 MK8 Multisport Helmet

Mystic 2017 MK8 Multisport HelmetNo matter if you are a beginner or a professional in kitesurfing, the Mystic multisport helmet can definitely come to your benefit. Having a generous inner padding and a high-density polyethylene shell, this helmet will protect you entirely in the event that you get thrown off your own board.

The Mystic comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it appropriate for every taste. If you prefer the black helmet, then you’ll be certain it’s “mystic” straight to the core. You can also go for crazier patterns, including blues, striped greens, or the classic camouflage.

Featuring an adjustable head strap, this helmet is perfect regardless of your head size. Considering that you can tighten or release the strap at all times, then both men and women can wear it. However, you can choose a specific size that goes from an XS to an XL.

The helmet also features neoprene ear covers that will not only keep your ears warm, but they will also keep you protected. The ear covers are detachable, so you can easily take them off if you do not have a need for them.
The MK8 also features a series of vents in the shell to permit better water and air blow. Furthermore, the small brim placed in the front will help reduce sun glare, ensuring a comfortable kitesurfing adventure – regardless of the weather.


  • Lightweight polyethylene outer shell
  • Impact-resistant thermoplastic
  • Interior molded with lycra
  • Waterproof EVA (dual-density)
  • Adjustable head strap with a quick release chin clip
  • Removable cupping ears made from neoprene
  • Open vents encourage drainage and ventilation

Overall, this helmet is a great option for anyone interested in kitesurfing, no matter if they are beginners or professionals in the sport.
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Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet

Pro-Tec Ace Water HelmetIf you are looking for something to give you the ultimate head protection, then the Pro-Tec is definitely the one you should go for. Having a high-impact shell made from ABS, this is not only highly protective against fast or hard falls, but it is also highly waterproof.

Featuring removable cupping ear guards, you may use them for increased comfort depending on the weather. They are easy to take off, which is a very good option if the weather gets very warm. Furthermore, the padding and the water channels will prevent any damage to the eardrum – which can happen after high impact on the water.

The interior is a full-surround headlock system, which will support the back of your head and offer you maximum comfort. This way, the helmet will not slide off – and you will barely feel you are wearing a helmet at all.

The helmet also features 15 vents that will improve the air ventilation and increase the water draining efficiency. This way, as a wearer, you will feel comfortable – since the helmet is highly breathable.


  • High-impact ABS exterior
  • The interior is made from dual-density waterproof EVA liner
  • Removable cupping ears with generous padding and smart water channel
  • Complete full-surround “headlock” system that supports the back of your head
  • It features 15 vents to improve air ventilation and increase the comfort of the wearer
  • Adjustable chin strap for locking the helmet in and increasing the comfort

Overall, this helmet is a price-friendly option that will not only increase your safety, but it will also feel very comfortable. It’s lightweight, so you’ll barely feel like you are wearing anything – and it’s also breathable enough to be used in any kind of water activity. For many, it’s one of the best watersports helmet.
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Triple Eight Water Halo Helmet

Triple Eight Water Halo HelmetFor those looking for something highly comfortable, then the Triple Eight helmet might be a great choice. Equipped with a Sweatsaver Halo Water Liner interior that has been made with three layers of foam – and secured by plush fabric – this helmet is indeed very comfortable.

The Sweatsaver is also easily removable. Granted, it’s not recommended you take it off before entering the water – but you can do so when you get out. This enables easy washing, ensuring that the liner is squeaky clean.

The high-density ABS that comprises the outer shell is shockproof, ensuring that it will resist any kind of impact.
The product also features removable earflaps that will not only keep you warm in lower-degree temperatures but will also protect you against the water impact. Your eardrums are highly sensitive to pressure, which is why this is a great asset.


  • Super comfortable triple-foam “Sweatsaver” halo liner
  • It has waterproof plush fabric
  • Removable liner for easy cleaning
  • High-density outer shell made from ABS
  • It comes with protective ear flaps (sold separately)
  • It meets all watersport standards

Regardless of your preferences in watersports, this may as well be the best kitesurfing helmet for you. It is not that expensive either, making it a fair acquisition.
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Tontron Comfy Practical Water Sports Helmet

Tontron Comfy Practical Water Sports HelmetThis model is a great kitesurfing helmet for those who are shopping on a budget. Featuring a sturdy ABS outer shell, it is a very good choice for high-impact falls. Furthermore, the detachable ear flaps will offer superior protection for those who have sensitive eardrums or other ear problems.

The EVA absorption liner is quick-dry and very soft. This means that it will start wicking away the water the minute you get out, ensuring extra comfort. The 11 air vents placed strategically within the shell also add to that by increasing its breathability.

You may purchase it in small, large or medium sizes – depending on your measurements. The chin strap is also adjustable, meaning that you can easily fix it for increased security. The back-of-the-head closure system will also further increase that stability, making sure that you get ultimate protection for your head.

You can choose from a variety of colors. Most of the shades are matte (white, black, yellow, green, red), but you may also go for a glossy color (blue).


  • High-impact ABS outer shell
  • Included detachable ear flaps
  • It is great for any water sport
  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • An adjustable chin strap that ensures a secure fit
  • Soft waterproof EVA liner
  • It comes with a back-closure system

If you are not willing to spend too much money on a good helmet but don’t want to “cheap out” on the features, then this item is a good option for you. It’s comfortable, it fits well, and it provides superior protection against hard falls.
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NP Kiteboarding Helmet

NP Surf Watersports Helmet

NP Surf Watersports HelmetNP has always been fairly popular with fans of watersports, and for a good reason. This brand is known for making the best kiteboarding helmets for beginners and professionals alike – but focusing on people with a sense of adventure that are “prone to accidents,” so to speak.

You may choose from different sizes, going from small to large, and the measurements are accurate. Even if it does fit slightly big on your head, you can tighten it using the chin strap. It’s adjustable, and you can easily arrange a perfect fit with it.

This helmet features a molded ear protector that will keep water and other external factors from entering your ear. This is a good option if you have high sensitivity in your eardrums. It will prevent any damage to your hearing in case of a hard fall in the water.

Furthermore, considering that it features an air-vent system, this helmet is also very breathable. If the temperatures are high, you will not have any issues with sweating or any other kind of discomfort. The impact-resistant outer shell will also protect you from hard falls, no matter if they are on the ground or in the water.


  • Molded EVA ear protector that will prevent water from entering your ears
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • It comes with a back-closure system
  • Non-absorbent with a quick-drying construction
  • ABS outer shell that will absorb impact in case of a fall
  • Air-Vent system to ensure that the helmet stays breathable

For many people, this is the best helmet for kiteboarding. It can protect you against falls regardless of the surface, which means you can use it for kitesurfing and cycling alike.
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Best Junior Kitesurfing Helmet

Gul Evo Watersports Helmet

Gul Evo Watersports HelmetIf you are looking to take your child on an adventure with you, then you also need to invest in a good kiteboarding helmet to keep him or her protected. For that reason, the Gul Evo watersports helmet is a secure option.

Featuring ABS protection on the outside, your child will be protected even if he or she falls into the water. The earflaps are not included in the set – but you may purchase them separately if you want to offer your child an extra layer of protection.

The EVA lining also molds to the head of your junior, providing him/her ultimate comfort as he/she is enjoying the sport. Plus, thanks to the adjustable chin strap, you can be sure that this helmet will stay secure on your child’s head.


  • Comfortable EVA liner construction
  • High-impact ABS outer shell
  • Breathable air-vent system
  • It is suitable for all types of sports

Children need more protection than adults, which is why you need the best kiteboarding helmet that you could go for and the Gul Evo fits into this category.
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Concluding Remarks

When you are going kitesurfing, it’s very important to make sure that you stay protected. Falling and breaking into the water can be as dangerous as falling onto concrete – which is why you need something shock-absorbent to keep your head and ears safe.

The models presented above are all quite affordable, but at the same time, they are highly protective. You can enjoy an adventurous day without any worries, simply because you will be wearing a good kitesurfing helmet.

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