Kitesurfing Wetsuit Buying Guide – Top Product Recommendations

Choosing the best kiteboarding wetsuit might seem rather challenging. There are several aspects that shouldn’t miss your attention, not to mention that there is an overwhelming array of products on the market.

Essentially, a wetsuit should be created specifically for wind sports and its main goal is to keep you warm in the water. It accomplishes this due to the use of synthetic rubber – or neoprene. Additionally, it traps a thin layer of water between the material and the skin. Concurrently, the body warms up that layer of water, thus, keeping you warm.

That being said, we’d like to introduce you to our top recommendations for the best wetsuit for kiteboarding. Afterward, we’ll outline the main aspects you shouldn’t overlook during the shopping process, alongside other equally important guidelines. Let’s proceed!

wetsuit guide

Top Product Reviews

Best Spring Wetsuits (Short)

1. Mystic Majestic ND

mystic majesticMystic is one of the very best manufacturers of reliable kiteboarding wetsuits on the market. And their Majestic wetsuit series indicates outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail.

One of the highlights of this series is, of course, the fact that the neoprene used in the manufacturing process is one of the best there is on the market.

At the same time, through the creation of this particular item, Mystic wanted to provide windsurfers with ultimate, uncompromised freedom – and this is what you’ll get.

On that note, the design is smart and functional. To be more specific, the chest zipper was eliminated. This contributed to diminishing the excess weight while decreasing the likelihood of water leakage. This way, the kitesurf wetsuit will keep you warm at all times.

Moving on, thanks to the full stretch of the chest panel, your mobility is maximized. Thus, you can really attempt to test your limits when you try new kitesurf movements.

Furthermore, we also liked that this particular wetsuit is really lightweight. This is why it ranks high in terms of flexibility. That being said, we’d wholeheartedly recommend this, since it is the best kiteboarding wetsuit for springtime – one out of the many at the very least.
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2. O’Neill Men’s Reactor

O'Neill Men's Reactor 2mm Back Zip Spring WetsuitThis is another fantastic wetsuit for kiteboarding. It is a very popular choice for many windsurfing enthusiasts, due to one primary reason – the fact that it is simple yet sturdy.

Hence, if you’re a fan of spring surfing, this one should be down your alley. Thanks to the 2mm thickness, this wetsuit facilitates an ideal warmth level, even during cooler days.

At the same time, the design is a major advantage, of course. The short cut ensures that you enjoy optimal freedom. On that note, if this is high on your list of priorities, you should consider this item.

What is more, the 2mm neoprene construction aims at protecting you from the sun and wind, as well. As for the sleeves, they are made from FluidFlex, which is combined with ultra-stretchy neoprene. The result is a really soft and comfortable material.

You’ll end up liking it so much that you might even want to wear it when the temperatures aren’t that low!

When it comes to the price-quality ratio, you should know that this product offers excellent quality for its rate. In fact, it looks really expensive and well-made, indicating optimal craftsmanship.

Getting in and out of this wetsuit is also easy – which is another advantage. We all know how annoying it can get to attempt to get out of a wetsuit and fail! And last, yet not least, the fit of this wetsuit is also great. Overall, it is a well-made wetsuit that is really comfortable and offers excellent value.
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3. Ride Engine Women’s Almar

Ride Engine Wetsuit Women's AlmarEssentially, this is another high-quality wetsuit specifically created for springtime. Why do we recommend it? For one thing, it really protects you from the wind, sun, sand and other elements. At the same time, it is specially created to fit women.

This way, you’ll feel really comfortable, while enjoying a high level of mobility and flexibility. That is to say, you won’t feel any restrictions when moving.

Furthermore, after testing it, we’ve noted that it is easy to get in and out of it. It is also lightweight, meaning that it doesn’t add unnecessary weight, thus, jeopardizing your performance.

If you enjoy spending long days in the water, this could become your go-to piece of equipment. The 2mm long sleeve accounts for a lightweight, yet efficient barrier between the elements and the user.

Plus, the bikini and the mild V-neck design are both attractive and practical. This means you can feel good and perform excellently while wearing this wetsuit.

On a different note, in reference to the material used, it doesn’t contain any potentially detrimental coatings such as hydrophobic or petroleum that could be harming your skin. So, if you’re usually concerned by this aspect, this wetsuit is definitely worth considering.
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Best Full Wetsuits

1. Ride Engine Silo

Ride Engine Wetsuit Back Zip SiloWhat if you like kitesurfing in cooler temperatures? In this case, you should choose a full suit, such as this one, manufactured by Ride Engine.

This way, you can enjoy comfy cold-water sports sessions regardless of the temperatures outside. It would be safe to argue that this suit incorporates the ideal combination of protection and insulation while granting you unmatched flexibility to move around as you please.
We could say that this suit is surprisingly comfortable, especially for a full suit. We consider it to be more than suitable for the shoulder season – more specifically, when the air temperatures are too warm for a fleece-lined suit, yet they are too cold for a short design. That is to say, this unit offers the perfect compromise.

It is equally lightweight and comfy, which translates into fewer restrictions. At the same time, it is more than fit for a wide range of water conditions, which makes it a versatile option.

Due to the seamless chest panel featuring black-zip design, you’ll notice that putting this on and getting it out is a breeze.

As for the material, it is SmartStretch limestone neoprene, which is known to offer excellent results. Similar to the majority of Ride Engine wetsuits, this one doesn’t have any toxic coatings either. This indicates the manufacturer’s commitment to the customers’ well-being.
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2. O’Neill Men’s Reactor

O'Neill Men's Reactor 3/2mm Back Zip Full WetsuitOne of the many reasons why we think of this as the best wetsuit for kiteboarding is its excellent price-quality ratio. In fact, we could argue that it comes with a nice array of characteristics you would normally see on more high-end models.

First and foremost, both the sleeves and the shoulders feature a super stretchy neoprene fabric that facilitates unrestricted, complete upper body movement. In fact, every Reactor wetsuit comes with this characteristic, referred to by the manufacturer as FluidFlex.

At the same time, we like that the under-sleeve panels are seamless – this means you can move freely without feeling restricted in any way.
Moving on, the zipper is really durable and sturdy, whereas the smooth skin chest panel is a great addition. Furthermore, the seams also indicate outstanding craftsmanship, as well as smooth flatlock stitching.

As a rule of thumb, it is highly recommended to opt for a wetsuit with flatlock construction and breathable overlocking flat-stitched seams, especially when it comes to warmer conditions.

On a different note, the suit also comes with Krypto knee pads, which are ergonomically shaped. Concurrently, the neoprene panels have the purpose of safeguarding your knees, while maximizing the durability of the suit.

It’s also nice to know that the paddle zones are seamless, which facilities optimal comfort as well as freedom of movement. Also, inside the garment, you’ll find a handy inside pocket that is more than convenient.
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3. O’Neill Men’s Epic

O'Neill Men's Epic 4/3mm Back Zip Full WetsuitThis item also qualifies as the best wetsuit for kiteboarding, being suitable for water temperatures ranging from 50 to 59 Fahrenheit degrees.

This accounts for the perfect equipment for all sorts of water activities including paddle sports, diving, surfing, and many others. That is to say, if you’re enthusiast about water sports, you won’t be disappointed by this wetsuit – since it is so versatile.

Featuring a stretchy, 4/3mm neoprene, you get all the protection and comfort you need for a successful activity. Moving on to the design of the wetsuit, it has a blackout zip – the purpose of the offset zipper is to diminish water infiltration.

In the meantime, the external key pocket on the lower leg inseam is easily accessible. Evidently, this is a practical addition if you want to store something securely.

Moving on, the firewall insulation plays a critical role in wicking away moisture, thus, significantly enhancing the warmth level.
Also, in order to make the wetsuit as lightweight as possible, the manufacturer used double stitched and triple glued seams. In the critical areas, tape was added for a boost of durability.

What is more, the knee area features an abrasion-resistant, high-stretch neoprene panel. This is a key characteristic that distinguishes O’Neil wetsuits from other products on the market.
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Best Cold-Water Wetsuit for Kiteboarding

1. Mystic LEGEND

Mystic LEGEND 5/3 GBS Fast Dry WetsuitMystic has redesigned one of their top selling products, and the result is the Legend 5/3 GBS Fast dry wetsuit. And while it is an excellent wetsuit for cold weather, this doesn’t impair its flexibility in any way – since it is really lightweight.

At the same time, it comes with a quick dry lining – this really dries fast, keeping the water out for longer.

This means that this wetsuit does an excellent job of preserving the body temperature by creating an insulating shell. We really liked this, as few things are as frustrating as attempting to put on a wet wetsuit.

Mystic knows that and this is the reason why they invented the quick dry lining to eliminate this problem. That being said, thanks to the 100% M-flex 2.0 lightweight foam, the suit remains flexible and light.

Plus, in order to prevent the water from coming through the seams, this suit features a unique seam construction.

Another distinguishable characteristic is the addition of the aqua barrier. This is, in fact, one of the reasons why this wetsuit is suitable for cold water sports.

The aqua barrier accounts for a silicone printing that aims at creating a barrier, thus deterring the water from entering the suit. Additionally, the non-slip wrist cuffs are more than welcome, facilitating an excellent, comfy fit.

On a different note, you might find that the Mystic LEGEND Hooded 5/3 is more suitable for your needs, considering that you find the hood to be an essential characteristic. It’s entirely up to you.
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2. Ride Engine Men’s Apoc

Ride Engine Full Hooded Wetsuit Men's Apoc Front Zip 5/4mmEven when the temperatures start to drop, this doesn’t mean that you should say goodbye to kiteboarding – not if you have the appropriate equipment, at the very least.

And this wetsuit by Ride Engine is a perfect candidate that will do the job. The hooded design is ideal for lower temperatures. Meanwhile, the material is high-quality SmartStretch limestone neoprene.

Additionally, in order to make this wetsuit suitable for winter, the manufacturer included a poly-fleece liner in the most critical areas.
Also, the poly-fleece liner has heat-retaining properties, for the best results. Concurrently, the aqua seal seams and the strategic stitching technology are other significant features worth noting.

We’ve also determined that, while wearing this suit, you can enjoy ultimate freedom of movement. In other words, this wetsuit offers an excellent fit.

We also liked that this wetsuit isn’t treated with all sorts of chemicals such as C8, C6 or C4. These are commonly met chemicals that end up leaching in the water.

Moving on, the knee area is covered with abrasion resistant BAX material. Therefore, you’ll be better protected, not to mention that this way, the durability of the wetsuit is increased.
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3. Mystic Diva

Mystic Diva 5/4 Ladies GBS Back Zip Steamer WetsuitNow we’d like to introduce you to one of the best wetsuits for ladies. This one is specifically created for colder temperatures, of course. It comes with all the features you’d expect – it is made from waterproof stretch taping and lightweight foam neoprene.

At the same time, the manufacturer has redesigned the initial model, in order to make it more appealing and functional. That is to say, thanks to the front-zip construction, you’ll enjoy more flexibility in the upper body. In other words, you’ll have ultimate freedom of movement.

That is not all, though – the front-zip construction is just as practical because it enables less water to enter the suit. This could only mean one thing – you’ll feel warm and comfy!

Similar to other wetsuits manufactured by Mystic, this particular one also has aqua barrier in its construction. We’ve already mentioned it beforehand – we’re talking about the silicone printing that creates a barrier so that no water enters the wetsuit.

Meanwhile, the double neck design is also smart. In other words, on the inside, there is glideskin, and on the outside, there is neoprene. This way, you don’t have to worry about any discomfort, since the material feels nice on the skin.

Also, it’s worth noting that each zipper in the wetsuit is durable and waterproof, which just as important.
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Best Kitesurf Drysuit for Winter

1. O’Neill Men’s Boost Drysuit

O'Neill Men's Boost 300g DrysuitIf you want to stay warm in cool water, this drysuit will definitely help you in this direction. First and foremost, it is made of 300g Trilaminate Nylon, featuring waterproof taped seams.

It is surprisingly lightweight – to be more specific, it isn’t heavier than a typical wetsuit. And the ankle openings are tight enough, preventing the water from reaching your legs.

At the same time, thanks to the horizontal back zip entry, no water will sneak through the seams. Evidently, this comes as a guarantee with high-quality products – and this drysuit is a decent example of such a product.

Moving on, the neck seal facilitates a practical waterproof closure, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of water activities and remain dry nonetheless.

Furthermore, the design is pretty loose, providing you with sufficient room for layered warmth. This is not all; the integrated suspenders are excellent additions that optimize your comfort, ensuring that the drysuit fits accordingly.

The manufacturer recommends using this drysuit for the following activities: kayaking, surfing, kneeboarding, windsurfing, waterskiing, paddleboarding, wakeboarding, and so on.

So, regardless of your favorite sport, the odds are that you’ll get a lot of use out of this drysuit. Not to mention that you also get a 1-year warranty with the purchase.
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2. Ocean Rodeo Soul Drysuit

Ocean Rodeo Soul DrysuitAnother top recommendation for high-quality dry suits is this one manufactured by Ocean Rodeo. This product is created with one goal in mind: to meet the individual needs of enthusiast kiteboarders and it really does that.

Essentially, it is engineered to facilitate optimal flexibility, while keeping you warm. This is specifically thanks to the revolutionary Captive Zip design – this allows you to choose the fully dry mode or standby mode.

When you pick the dry mode, then the Soul remains 100 percent dry and utterly breathable. That is to say, when you’re between kiteboarding sessions, you can simply open the dry zip and, afterward, take off the neck seal.

Nevertheless, when the outer jacket is zipped, the Soul facilitates a hooded, well-ventilated jacket and pants that safeguard you from the rain and wind. And the best part about it is that you can easily convert the drysuit from the full dry mode to the standby mode while wearing the PFD.

Additionally, the removable hood is a nice addition that comes in handy when the weather is cool. Also, if you don’t need it, you simply remove it and that’s it.

On the whole, this is a high-quality drysuit that is likely to address your individual specifications. The design is clever and functional, and the materials are high-quality and lightweight – everything you’d expect of a drysuit.
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Kiteboarding Wetsuit Jackets and Hoody

1. Prolimit Loosefit Neoprene Hoody

Prolimit Loosefit Neoprene HoodyNow, moving on to kiteboarding wetsuit jackets with hoodies, this particular model by Prolimit is definitely a keeper. First and foremost, the manufacturer used Neolight Duotone 550+ limestone neoprene, combined with Airflex 500+.

This blend of materials does an excellent job of maintaining the body heat even when the weather isn’t necessarily the most favorable for water sports. What is more, the material dries out really fast.

Another primary characteristic of this hoody is, of course, the fact that it has a loose, relaxing fit. This comes as a major pro for those of you who don’t want to experience any restrictions on the water.

Also, depending on your preference, you can either put the hoody on or off. There is also a hook pocket that comes in handy for keeping the things that you need.

Furthermore, we would like to note that the hoody is relatively lightweight – this is definitely something you should keep an eye out for when looking for a drysuit.
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2. Platinum Sun Unisex Pro Neoprene Jacket

Platinum Sun Unisex Pro Neoprene JacketIf you’d rather invest in a unisex wetsuit jacket, then this product is worthy of your attention.

Considering that this jacket features high-quality 2.5mm Dura-Flex neoprene, then you can be certain that you’ll get plenty of use out of it. Simultaneously, the zipper is of the highest quality – in fact, it is renowned as one of the most reliable on the market.

In order to keep you warm and cozy throughout the entire year, this jacket is windproof. On a different note, it’s nice to know that you can use this jacket both before and after kiteboarding or surfing sessions – it’s entirely up to you.

As a matter of fact, you can attempt to use it during any water activity – depending on your interests. Additionally, thanks to the extra harness zipper, you can easily use any harness for kitesurfing.

What about the comfort level of this top-selling jacket? Does it deliver in this direction, as well? It would be safe to say that the design of this jacket makes it utterly comfy, specifically for sports. In truth, it features the perfect balance of warmth, comfort, and functionality.

The hood has a drawstring cord so that you can adjust it as you please. At the same time, you have two large front pockets for keeping your most important belongings.

Plus, due to the low-profile seams, you don’t have to worry about potential skin irritations or rashes that might emerge during surfing sessions.
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3. Mystic Womens Voltage

Mystic Womens Voltage Neoprene Kitesurfing HoodyThis is another product manufactured by Mystic. Essentially, it is made from wind and water resistant neoprene, featuring two handy front pockets. You can wear it on land or out in the water, meaning that this is a versatile acquisition.

The hood has a decent fit, in the sense that it ensures your comfort. Also, the sizing is accurate.

It is designed so that the harness would go under the jacket, such as in the case of snowkiting. At the same time, the front part of the jacket features a reinforced hole – it is meant to accommodate the harness hook.

As for the reinforcement, it is made of a sticky rubber material. It is designed so that the hook won’t slip inside the jacket, whenever you’re unhooked.

Moving on, the Velcro wrist straps do a decent job at maintaining the heat inside – meaning that the cold weather won’t bother you whenever you’re wearing this jacket. Also, the waist is elasticated for the same reason – in order to keep the heat inside and warm you.

On a final note, if you want to be sure that you enjoy optimal protection from the wind and the cold while you’re out on the water, you should wear the Voltage over your harness.

Nevertheless, the good thing about this piece of equipment is that you can easily wear it on cold days or with shorts on overcast days.
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Buying Guide: Top Considerations

Wetsuit vs. Drysuit – Which One Should You Choose?

kitesurf wetsuit

An important consideration for every watersport enthusiast is choosing between a wetsuit and a drysuit. Typically, both are utilized in order to provide insulation from the cold, being really popular for round-year surfing, kiteboarding, so on and so forth. Nonetheless, what is the primary distinction between the two?

Firstly, a wetsuit for kiteboarding is made of rubber neoprene. Essentially, this material is supposed to keep you warm when you are wet. In comparison with drysuits, wetsuits aren’t waterproof. This is why it is essential to pick a wetsuit that fits like a glove; otherwise, you are likely to feel cold.

On a different note, picking a top wetsuit for kiteboarding is more than ideal for cold water sports. That’s specifically because they enable you to be more athletic than you could be while wearing a drysuit.

On the other side, drysuits feature a waterproof construction. Still, they cannot be used alone, because they aren’t meant to keep you warm. At the same time, it’s worth noting that drysuits do a decent job at keeping the water from entering in direct contact with your skin, similar to a shell. Additionally, they have a loose fit.

As a rule of thumb, divers and kayakers prefer using drysuits. Nevertheless, other people choose drysuits as well, including for standup paddling or wakesurfing.

That being said, how should you make your decision? For the most part, in cold water conditions, a top wetsuit for kiteboarding is a better option when you’re in the water. Concurrently, drysuits are better suited when you’re out of the water. Why is that? The main reason for this is the restriction.

Wetsuits are created in order to facilitate a perfect fit. Think of the following scenario: could you swim while wearing a drysuit? Don’t you agree that a wetsuit would offer you enhanced maneuverability, allowing you to reach great speed? Also, bear in mind that a wetsuit’s mission isn’t to keep you dry, but to keep you warm.

Nevertheless, if you aren’t too concerned about feeling restricted, and you don’t want to feel cold, a drysuit might be a better option.
That being said, it’s entirely up to you to make this decision, depending on your preferences and needs.

Tips for Choosing a Wetsuit for Kiteboarding

kite wetsuit

Of course, selecting the perfect wetsuit isn’t a piece of cake. There are several aspects that should be taken into account and this kiteboarding wetsuit guide will reveal them to you.


Depending on the sport you’re planning to practice, you should pick your wetsuit accordingly. While there are some models that are advertised as being versatile, you should choose an item that has been dedicated to a specific sport. For example, if you practice kiteboarding, it would be best to pick a wetsuit designated for kiteboarding. It’s as simple as this.

Seams and Stitching

Evidently, the seams and stitches in a wetsuit are the places where water could come in contact with the skin. Nonetheless, there are different types of stitches that could prevent this from happening – which is why this aspect should be on your list of priorities.

That being said, you should pay attention to the sealed seams. They can really make a world of a difference. In fact, if you want to surf in really cold waters, you should get a wetsuit with sealed seams. Even if it might be thinner than other models, it will definitely keep you warmer for an extended period.

Kiteboarding wetsuit thickness

You should carry in mind that there’s no such thing as the right wetsuit that can be used for all water conditions. Aside from the length, model and other design characteristics, you should also assess the thickness of the neoprene. As a rule of thumb, the thicker the material, the warmer you’ll feel – it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Usually, the thickness of the neoprene is calculated in millimeters. In general, you get two numbers for a specific wetsuit. That’s because a wetsuit’s construction features several neoprene panels, which are stitched together. This is why their thickness rating varies.

Additionally, the thickness for most wetsuits is above 2mm. Plus, around the torso, the material is much thicker, in order to keep the internal organs warm. Meanwhile, in the areas in which you need more flexibility, such as around the limbs, the material is thinner.

That being said, if you plan on enjoying long kiteboarding sessions in relatively cold water, you should get a wetsuit with a high thickness rating. On a different note, if you are really sensitive to the cold, perhaps it would be a good idea to get a thicker wetsuit to safeguard you from the cold.

Wetsuit Temperature Chart
Wetsuit Temperature Chart


Essentially, the size of the wetsuit is just as primordial. It must fit really well, otherwise, you’ll feel the cold. A wetsuit that has a big fit won’t keep you warm inside the water.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel comfortable while wearing it – quite the opposite. You should ensure that the wetsuit doesn’t feel loose around the wrists, ankles, and neck. Meanwhile, it shouldn’t restrict your movements either – so make sure you get one that meets these two essential conditions.

What to Wear When You Are Kiteboarding If You Don’t Have a Wetsuit?

Wetsuit for Kiteboarding

Enthusiast water sports fans should choose their kiteboarding clothing carefully. Considering that you don’t have an appropriate wetsuit, you should wear good-fitting clothing. That is to say, steer clear of loose items that won’t keep you warm.

Additionally, it might be a good idea to dress in layers, especially in the lower part of the body. For example, you might consider wearing a bathing suit underneath your board shorts. This will diminish friction, while also preventing unwanted water penetration, in the event of a severe wipeout.

That being said, several layers of clothing will also add extra layers of protection from the cold and potential body injuries.

Kiteboarding Wetsuit Differences: Front vs. Rear Zipper

Who enjoys wearing a kitesurf wetsuit that is a drag to get in and out of? This is why the design of the wetsuit is of great importance.

That being said, you can choose from front entry and back zip wetsuits. Front-entry wetsuits might be more difficult to put on, but they are more comfortable since they make you feel a bit more covered than their counterparts. At the same time, a potential disadvantage could be that wetsuits with chest zips might be pricier than wetsuits with rear zips.

Meanwhile, other people prefer back zippers with a flushguard – that’s primarily because putting them on is effortless and quick, and you don’t experience any backflushing.


1. Do the various types of neoprene, linings, and seams influence the quality of the wetsuit?

As a rule of thumb: the lighter the suit, the more stretch it will have. Additionally, if the material has stretch to it, it will keep you warm. Nevertheless, as a potential downside, higher grade neoprene is on the expensive side. Also, wetsuits with flatlock stitched seams are cheaper in comparison with glued seams; but the later allow less water to go through, which is why most people prefer them.

2. How long will my wetsuit last?

Durability is a primary concern for most users – and this makes sense, considering that a high-quality kiteboarding wetsuit is a significant investment. Of course, you must assess how often you’ll be using the wetsuit. Typically, a wetsuit can be used for roughly two seasons or so. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to use it afterward. It simply means that it is likely to lose its efficiency, in the sense that it won’t keep you as warm as it did in the beginning.

3. Are wetsuits supposed to be really tight?

We’ve already talked about the importance of picking a wetsuit that has a decent fit. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should get an item that is too tight, as this could affect your comfort. That is to say, wetsuits are designed in order to be formfitting. There shouldn’t be any loose folds of neoprene or, even worse, pockets of air or water. And even though the wetsuit might seem a bit tight when you first put it on, when you get in the water, it will loosen considerably.

4. What should you wear under a wetsuit?

Considering that your wetsuit is thin, you should wear thermal lycra or neoprene shorts underneath the wetsuit. This way, you’ll get a boost of insulation and you won’t feel cold.

Final Thoughts

We wanted to make this guide about choosing a top wetsuit for kiteboarding as comprehensive as possible. And we are confident that we’ve accomplished this. As long as you follow our guidelines, you’ll be on the right path to making a sensible, long-term investment! Happy kiteboarding!

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