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The UK industry awards Vote

So the USA has the AWSI awards and now its time for the UK to have their turn. Hosted as the BKSA ball at the end of this month their will be awards ranging from Best UK shop, Best UK event, Best UK kiteboarding club and to reward the creativity of UK riders there is a 'Best UK produced Kiteboarding Video' that see titles like The Freeride Project 3, Reflection, Australia Road trip, James Boulding in Sicily and 'The Sands of Time hit the voting list. 

To Vote and have your say follow this LINK

Here is the write up from KiteWorld Mag detailing the event:

This year's BKSA End of Year Ball at The Grand Hotel in Brighton on Saturday 22nd October will host the 2016 UK industry awards and we'd love you to be a part of it.

Organised as a collaboration between the BKSA, KITEWORLD, IKSURFMAG and the VKSA, we have created a series of awards to recognise the great industry work and performances that go on in and around the UK that have always made the nation a superb force in the world of kiteboarding.

Like the previous awards that took place at the Armada in 2015, there will be awards for Best Kitesurfing Club, Best Shop, Best Event, Best Rep, Outstanding Contribution to UK Kitesurfing and Overseas Ambassador for UK Kitesurfing. We will also be introducing some exciting new awards this year too, as well as officially crowning our BKC Champions.

The awards are decided through a mix of industry and public voting, but we'd like your help as part of the judging panel to help us give your opinion on Best Club, Best Shop, Best Event and Best Video by a UK Rider.

If you haven't got your tickets yet; please click on this link:


Thanks for taking the time to complete the form. See you at the awards!