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Introducing the 2017 FUEL Slingshot #Kite... Aggressive #Wakestyle #Freestyle, Mega-loop Machine

2017 FUEL - Aggressive Wakesyle Freestyle, Mega-loop Machine
Harness in to the thrill of explosive C-kite performance with the 2017 Fuel. Slingshot’s longest-running
kite, the Fuel is a time-tested, rider approved design that delivers aggressive grunt, unhooked authority, consistent power, massive boosts and deep, powerful mega loops. For freestyle-focused riders who want a stable, powerful and thrillingly-explosive kite to take their riding to the next level, there’s truly no substitute for the Fuel.

+ Most powerful, explosive C-kite on the market
+ Take your freestyle game to new heights, literally
+ No back-stalling, unrivaled unhooked performance
+ No bridles, no tangling, direct connection
+ Go big, ride hard, the fuel is a kite that will not hold you back
+ Takes the abuse with bombproof slingshot construction
+ The megaloop king

7 / 9 / 11 / 13 M

You’ll love the Fuel if you’re an aggressive freestyle or freeride kiter who likes to ride powered-up, boost big, unhook often, hit kickers, rails and sliders and throw big, powerful kite loops.


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