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Snow Kite Season!?

So since the snow season is upon us we thought it would be a good idea to re-cap some of the best snow kiting video from the past years. It is often a side of kiteboarding that is underestimated, there are a few events like the Redbull Ragnarok that put snow kiting on the map, however I don't often hear too many kite boarders planning their next snow kite destination. Why is that? Is snow kiting difficult or is it just simpler to book a standard ski holiday? What is your take on it? 

Also if you have been on a snow kiting trip in the last few years, what destinations would you recommend?

Anyways, for now just sit back and watch these clips to get your dose of the white stuff for the week:

Brandon Scheid with - Below Zero


On the loose in the snow:

Remi Muem with Back on Track



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By That German Dude, on

Dude, nice but where are those fly high things ;)

Kop from bigdayz

Punk Session Mala Fatra

chasta and jerome flying

Let’s pray for snow!

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