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Trump set to destroy Kiteboarding hotspot.

Trumps set to destroy world class kiteboarding hotspot in Ireland. Trump and his golf resort are seeking permission to build a 2.8km, 15ft seawall at Doughmore Beach, Co. Clare – closing off the area of the beach by his golf resort.

A few weeks ago we asked you to Help Stop Donald Trump From Destroying This County Clare Beach

Building the wall will involve dumping 200,000 tonnes of rock onto the coastal Carrowmore sand dunes – which will not only damage them, but will also hugely affect the dune habitats, restrict public access to the beach and negatively impact the quality of waves for surfers.  

And waves are exactly what beautiful Doughmore Beach is famous for. 

Irelands Summer Strapless Fun - Save Doonbeg Beach by Alan Kavanagh.


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