Are swimming trunks illegal in France?

Why are swimming shorts banned in France?

“Small, tight trunks can only be used for swimming. Bermudas or bigger swimming shorts can be worn elsewhere all day, so could bring in sand, dust or other matter, disturbing the water quality. By banning them outright, we’re not forced to stand there measuring what can be defined as swimming shorts.

Is it illegal to not wear Speedos in France?

Gents, a warning. In most of France’s public swimming pools, loose-fitting trunks are forbidden – so Speedos are the order of the day. If your togs don’t comply, you won’t be allowed in for a dip.

Can you use private swimming pools in France?

Which type of pools does the law apply to? The Raffarin law applies to all private in-ground or ground-level pools but doesn’t apply to indoor, inflatable or above-ground pools. The law stipulates that in-ground swimming pools must be protected by an approved security device at all times.

Is it OK for guys to wear Speedos?

Contrary to popular belief, speedos are actually quite flattering for most guys. While you may think you need a killer six-pack and beefy glutes to rock a speedo, the swim brief cut works well on almost any body type.

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Why are Speedos banned?

The LZR Racer (pronounced as “laser”) is a line of competition swimsuits manufactured by Speedo using a high-technology swimwear fabric composed of woven elastane-nylon and polyurethane. … They were deemed to provide an unfair advantage to the wearer by FINA, which led to a ban on all swimsuits of a similar nature.

Are Speedos coming back?

So, the first question is: Are speedo’s for men really making a comeback? Absolutely! Next time you are at the beach or by the pool, take a look around. You will soon notice that more and more men are wearing them than ever before.

Is it OK to wear a Speedo at the beach?

If you’re on holiday in the Mediterranean or South America, Speedos are actually considered more appropriate beach wear, and choosing trunks is deemed tacky. … In many ways, Speedos can be more comfortable. Besides not dragging you down when wet, they also don’t bunch up or rub between your thighs when walking.

Do you need planning permission for a swimming pool in France?

All in ground swimming pools in France require planning permission. … Above ground pools that are not built as a permanent structure do not require planning . If the pool exceeds 10m², but under 100m², then a works declaration is required.

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