Can you scuba dive in the Arctic?

Can you dive in the North Pole?

Dive at the North Pole

The ultimate Scuba diving experience: dive under the ice at the North Pole with the possibility of seeing polar bears! … Completed by only a handful of people each year, diving at the North Pole at the Arctic Circle this is possibly the most unique diving experience on Earth.

How many people have dived in the Arctic?

Who lives there? The U.S., Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Russia all have territories that reach into the Arctic Ocean. About four million people live in the Arctic region, many of them indigenous groups that have thrived there for millennia.

What do Arctic divers wear?

First, the divers wear drysuits instead of wetsuits. These dry suits are sealed at the wrist and the neck and don’t let any water in beyond the seals. Underneath the drysuit, the ice-diver wears thick polypropylene underwear to keep warm.

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