Can you surf at Coronado Beach?

How big are the waves at Coronado Beach?

Coronado Surf Report & Forecast Wednesday 8th September 2021

Wave height * 3ft / 0.8m
Swell period 14s
Swell direction
Wind 8mph / 13km/h
Weather 19°C / 66°F

Can you go in the water at Coronado Beach?

A goal of Coronado is continued swimmable waters for recreational use. These uses include swimming, wading, water-skiing, skin and scuba diving, surfing, and fishing.

Which beach in San Diego has the biggest waves?

Black’s Beach is arguably San Diego’s best wave. It’s good year-round, always one of the biggest spots in town, and breaks in long, organized lines.

Is Coronado a good surf spot?

Usually the best surfing is in the summer with swells coming from the southwest. Crowds are rarely a problem at Coronado Beach. Moderate waves make it a favorite spot for beginning and intermediate surfers. One of the more popular spots along the beach is near Avenida del Sol.

What is the water temperature at Coronado Beach?

Today’s Coronado Beaches sea temperature is 65 °F.

Is Coronado water safe?

Health officials lifted the water contact closure for the Coronado shoreline on Sunday after testing confirmed that water quality meets state health standards following recent Tijuana River sewage contamination. The order included beaches from Avenida Lunar through North Beach in Coronado.

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What is the ocean water temperature in San Diego?

Water temperature in San Diego today is 66.6°F.

The swimming season in San Diego lasts from July to October. During those months, San Diego water temperature does not drop below 68°F and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming.

What’s the water temperature in La Jolla?

Water temperature in La Jolla Cove today is 66.2°F.

The average water temperature in La Jolla Cove in winter reaches 59°F, in spring 62.6°F, in summer the average temperature rises to 69.8°F, and in autumn it is 68°F.

What is Coronado Beach known for?

Beach. “Coronado Beach in San Diego is a 1.5 mile long, wide sandy beach set against the backdrop of the iconic Hotel del Coronado…. Popular for swimmers, surfers, sunbathers and beachcombers. The beach is very flat, making it great for skim boarding and walking.

Is Coronado Beach free?

Unlike other beaches across the country, there are no fees to visit. Coronado’s stretch of beach is public, meaning you’re welcome to enjoy it at your leisure. You can even find free parking nearby.

Is Coronado Beach safe at night?

Coronado’s beach is open from 6 a.m. to sunset for passive use, including sunbathing and relaxing with towels and chairs with members of your household unit. Group activities at the beach are not allowed. The City asks the community to heed social distancing and sanitation measures when at the beach.