Can you Surf Camp Pendleton?

Can you surf while in the Navy?

surfing in the navy

If you are assigned to a ship, you will probably be able to take one surfboard with you. Once you get to your assignment you will be able to talk to people in charge of little cubby hole areas aboard ship where you can stuff a lightwieght item like that.

Is Camp Pendleton only a Marine base?

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is the major West Coast base of the United States Marine Corps and is one of the largest Marine Corps bases in the US.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
Type Military base
Area > 125,000 acres (51,000 hectares)
Site information
Controlled by U.S. Marine Corps

How do I access my church surf spot?

The well-known “Churches” surf spot is at the north end of the beach. Trestles Beach is at San Mateo Point just a bit farther north. To get to San Onofre Beach in Camp Pendleton, exit off Interstate 5 onto Basilone Road where you’ll find the base entrance station.

Can you surf in the military?

“It’s a mile and half hike in for most people, but the military can just park and surf.” Of course, Camp Pendleton has discounted lodging, but if you want to stay close to the water, head to the military campground at San Onofre Beach.

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Can civilians stay at Camp Pendleton?

Camp Pendleton is a closed based and only persons who have official business or a sponsor on base will be granted access. Whether you’re visiting Camp Pendleton for a wedding or event, for work as a contractor, for specialized training, or to visit a service member, consider staying in Oceanside as your home base.

Can anyone camp at Camp Pendleton?

All unescorted visitors are required to obtain a DBIDS credential/pass in order to gain authorized access to Camp Pendleton. Unescorted visitors must be sponsored or on official business. Visitors will have their identity proofed & vetted, and be issued an appropriate DBIDS credential/pass at no cost.

Can you surf at Hickam Beach?

Hickam Beach is the perfect spot for learning how to surf, party gatherings, beach volleyball or simply sunbathing under the tropical sun. … Lifeguards are stationed on the beach during the weekends and a surf shack offers rentals of beach equipment at affordable prices.

Does the government own Camp Pendleton?

Near as I can tell, the U.S. military “rents” only one training facility. It’s owned by the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the feds share it with the state National Guard, a juvenile jail, and some other tenants. It too is prime seaside land. It too is named Camp Pendleton.

How do I ship a package to Camp Pendleton?

Camp Pendleton postal services are provided by both military and civilian facilities. Arrays of services are provided including: official mail, standard/accountable mail delivery, mailbox key issue (Building 16840) and money order and stamp sales. For more information, call 760-725-5183.

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