Can you use swim fins for snorkeling?

Ease of Use

What is the difference between swim fins and snorkel fins?

The Fit & Design

Long blade swim fins resemble your typical snorkeling fin. They are made with a longer, more flexible heel and blade, and a flat edge to help create more water resistance, and a longer, wider kick.

Are Finis fins good for snorkeling?

FINIS Long Floating Fins for Snorkeling

FINIS is a well-known maker of gear for competitive and lap swimmers. Their long floating fins are perfect for recreational snorkeling as well.

Do kids need fins for snorkeling?

Kids swim fins are smaller than fins for adults but other than that they’re pretty much the same. There are two types of children’s swimming fins: closed pocket fins or open heel fins. Snorkel fins for kids aren’t essential for snorkeling, they can just use a kids mask and snorkel set.

Do long fins make you swim faster?

Longer fins allow you to go fast at a reduced kick tempo which is often the opposite benefit you’re looking for. At the end of the day (or workout), you need to be comfortable. Stiff fins can make you really fast, but also feel like bricks on your feet.

Is it a better workout to swim with fins?

Swimming fast means training fast, and fins help you do that. They can also relieve stress on shoulder joints—something most swimmers experience from time to time. Training with fins also helps build muscle while improving your up-kick, ankle flexibility, overall body positioning, and conditioning. All good!

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How much faster do flippers make you?

First, while specific performance varies on an individual to individual basis, fins tend to make people 30-40% faster in the water. Additionally, wearing fins greatly decreases kick frequency. This is due to being able to propel yourself more with each kick due to the increased surface area.