Does Belize have good snorkeling?

Can you snorkel off the beach in Belize?

It’s not easy to find Belize snorkeling from shore, but you can snorkel right from our beach at our Belize snorkeling resort. Daily we swim to a favorite nearby snorkel site, or use our kayaks to access an even greater area. Seventeen spots that we explore regularly are shown below on our Belize snorkel map.

Is snorkeling better in Cozumel or Belize?

Cozumel? We’ve only done snorkeling, but Hol Chan in Belize was the best snorkeling we’ve ever done, much better than we’ve done in Cozumel. The water is very clear with great visibility; just snorkeling, we saw sea turtles, nurse sharks, rays, lobsters, eels, and lots of tropical fish.

Are there sharks in Belize?

Species of sharks present along Belize’s coastline include docile nurse sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, bull sharks, black tip sharks, lemon sharks, hammerheads, scalloped hammerheads (though rare), and the impressive, migratory whale sharks.

What do you wear to snorkeling in Belize?

For snorkeling in the tropics, a lightweight wetsuit or a spandex/lycra dive suit will keep you from getting cold, especially when spending extended time in the water. Polypropylene or capilene long underwear works as well.

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Can you snorkel off the beach in Ambergris Caye?

The two most popular snorkel sites off of Ambergris Caye are Hol Chan and Mexico Rocks. … A snorkel tour to Hol Chan is often combined with a stop at Shark Ray Alley where you can swim with nurse sharks and stingrays!

Is snorkeling better in Roatan or Belize?

Roatan is far better! You can snorkel from the beach at West Bay as well as walk to the end of the beach and snorkel for hours. There is a big rock formation you can swim to. You can snorkel all the way to the end of the point if you wish.

What is the best time for snorkeling?

In terms of visibility and light penetration of the water, the time of day you choose to go snorkeling is crucial. The more sun penetrating the water, the more colorful everything looks. However, in terms of water clarity during a snorkeling session from shore, it is best to go mid-afternoon.

What we can see when snorkeling?

You can see staghorn, brain, plate, mushroom, slipper, microatoll and bommies when below the waterline and sometimes from above. Staghorn and plate corals are the most abundant types of coral you will encounter when snorkelling and are easily spotted, even by novice snorkellers.

What’s the best beach for snorkeling?

The 7 best beaches for snorkelling around the world

  • Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. …
  • Lady Elliot Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia. …
  • Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii. …
  • Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia. …
  • Tofo Beach, Inhambane, Mozambique. …
  • West Bay and Mary’s Place, Roatán Island, Honduras. …
  • Abu Dabbab Bay, Marsa Alam, Egypt.
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