Frequent question: What size yacht needs a crew?

How much crew does a yacht need?

For a small vessel, about 50 to 80 feet with room for eight guests, an owner would need two to four crew members, according to Oxana Vergne, charter manager at Engel & Völkers Yachting, a brokerage focused on yacht sales and charters. Mega yachts, like a 236-foot Serenity, may have up to 30 crew members, she said.

How big of a boat requires a captain’s license?

The 25, 50, or 100-Ton Master License allows the holder to operate inspected vessels as well as uninspected vessels. Any vessel that is authorized to carry more than six paying passengers must have on board a captain who holds a Master license.

How big can a yacht be without a crew?

Yachts are usually ok to operate a boat without a crew up to 75 feet long (22 meters), although an autopilot is highly recommended to assist you with breaking and staying on course.

How much does a yacht captain cost?

Captains cost roughly $1,000 per year per foot of boat—that’s $110,000 or so to command an embarrassingly small 100-footer and $220,000 or more for yachts over 200 feet.

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