Frequent question: Where was bodyboarding invented?

Where did bodyboarding originate from?

Bodyboarding originates from an ancient form of riding waves (surfing) on one’s belly. Indigenous Polynesians rode “alaia” (pronounced ah-lie-ah) boards either on their belly, knees, or feet (in rare instances). Alaia boards were generally made from the wood of Acacia koa and ranged in length and shape.

Is bodyboarding safer than surfing?

Not only is bodyboarding easier, but it is also safer. During the early years of wave riding, surfing is a sport that is somehow reserved for those who are experienced.

Why is it called boogie board?

It’s commonly called a Boogie board, which is short for Morey Boogie board, a brand name derived from its inventor, Tom Morey. After fashioning the first board out of a 33-inch slab of polyethylene in 1971, Morey started a company that began manufacturing the toys in 1975.

Is a boogie board the same as a body board?

So, while I’m not sure which company actually came up with the term “bodyboard”, all companies that came after Morey Boogie had to use that term to describe their boards. … So, when someone asks you the difference between “boogie boarding” and “bodyboarding”, now you know! They are one in the same!

Who is considered as one of the best riders of all time in bodyboarding?

Mike Stewart (Hawaii, USA) is considered the father of modern bodyboarding, acclaimed as one of the best wave riders of all time, and holds nine world titles.

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