How deep can a robot dive?

Can robots go to the bottom of the ocean?

A self-powered robot inspired by a fish can survive the extreme pressures at the bottom of the ocean’s deepest trench, thanks to its soft body and distributed electronic system — and might enable exploration of the uncharted ocean.

Can robots work underwater?

Robots can perform jobs underwater that are too complex or dangerous for humans. That is, if they can manage on their own, because no one can help them down there.

What 2 basic zones is the ocean divided into?

Plumbing the Ocean Depths

The open ocean makes up about 65 percent of ocean water. It is the water away from the coastal waters and contains a wide variety of life. The ocean can be divided into two basic areas: the benthic zone or ocean floor and the pelagic zone or ocean waters.

What vehicle can go to the bottom of the ocean?


The DEEPSEA CHALLENGER is a one-person human-occupied vehicle (HOV) that was built to descend to and explore the deepest places in the ocean. In March 2012, James Cameron used it to visit Challenger Deep.

How deep do underwater drones go?

Cable lengths vary depending on the manufacturer, but they generally allow the drone to reach depths of 50 to 200 meters. Wireless underwater drones are much less common.

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Do robots need to breathe?

Robots do not have to breathe. For this reason they can dive longer than any human. Equipped with the necessary sensor technology they inspect docks or venture down to the ocean floor to search for raw materials.

How are robots waterproof?

Because both ROV and AUV robots contain computers and electronic equipment, underwater robots need to be waterproof. This means that water cannot damage the equipment because it is inside a covering that prevents water from coming in.