How do I get my jet ski ready for summer?

How do you Dewinterize a jet?


  1. Remove the cover and the seat.
  2. Charge and install the battery.
  3. Check the engine and the liquids (oil, coolant, etc.)
  4. Flush the cooling/exhaust systems with fresh water.
  5. Inspect the features and parts.
  6. Lubricate the metallic and moving parts.
  7. Clean the jet ski if needed.
  8. Check the trailer carefully.

How long should you let a jet ski warm up?

If the jet-ski is equipped with an oil injection system, then a 50:1 ratio of fuel to oil is recommended to be run through for the first ten gallons. Upon initial startup, let the jet-ski idle for ten minutes to allow the engine to warm up and to allow oil to permeate internal gaskets and engine components.

Do jet skis have to be winterized?

Winterize the Jet Ski Exhaust System

Winterizing the exhaust is only necessary if you live in a cold climate and plan to store your jet ski outdoors during the off-season.

How much does it cost to de winterize a jet ski?

The average cost of getting a jet ski winterized by a mechanic is $600-$800. To get an accurate price for your personal jet ski, call a local dealer and they will be able to tell you a more exact price.

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What happens if you don’t winterize your jet ski?

If you do not properly maintain your jet ski during the off season, you are at risk for expensive engine repairs in the spring. Engine repairs often exceed the value of the jet ski and can keep you from getting back on the water. Proper winterization will save you time and money in the long run.

Are jet skis expensive to maintain?

Jet skis are not expensive to maintain if you are performing preventive maintenance regularly. The typical jet ski that is ran in the summer months will cost about $50-100 per year for maintenance if you do it yourself. If you pay a dealer, these costs can be upwards of $300.

How can I make my jet ski faster?

The quickest way to make your PWC faster is to pick up a Speed Control Override Module. The Speed Control Override Module for the Kawasaki Ultra 310 and 300 models promises an extra three to four mph over stock. Plus you can make even more gains through aftermarket modifications (including some mentioned below).

What is a jet ski tune up?

This means changing out older parts and replacing them with new ones, as well as clearing debris or dirt/dust buildups that occur through regular use. Buy upgrades and replacement parts from an online dealer. You’ll find great official as well as third-party parts for a multitude of different jet ski models.

Should I let my jet ski warm up?

It’s good to warm up the engine and let it reach operating temp before you rip it.

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Do jet skis need to be broken in?

Like all new cars, boats, ATVs, and motorbikes, jet skis run on engine power and engines need time to break in.

Do you need to run in a new jet ski?

The first 5 hours of your new Seadoo Watercraft is the most critical. All the other hours are not as important as those first 5 hours. Your break in period is within the first 5 hours. The first service or oil change is 50 hours or 1 year, whichever one comes first.