How much is the quantum of solace yacht?

How much does the Quantum of Solace yacht cost?

Staluppi has listed Quantum of Solace for $58 million with Yachting Partners International to make space for the new unbuilt yacht. The Turquoise-built yacht is actually the second with the same name.

Does James Bond own a yacht?

Featured in Daniel Craig’s first 007 movie Casino Royale, the US$4 million Sunseeker Predator superyacht served as villain Le Chiffre’s offshore ‘floating lair’ Casino Royale a yacht featured in the 2006 Bond movie of the same name, is available to rent – for a cool US$72,000 a week.

What is the meaning of quantum of solace?

You’ve got to get away to save yourself.” In an interview, the producers explained: “It means that a relationship cannot be salvaged unless there is a ‘quantum of solace’ between the two parties, ‘Quantum’ meaning ‘measure’, and ‘solace’ meaning ‘comfort’, so if they are not willing to share that, then their …

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