Is Praa Sands good for surfing?

Is Camber Sands good for surfing?


It works best two to three hours before high tide and same after high tide. It’s also popular with kitesurfing enthusiasts. If it’s windy, head down to the west end of the beach near the harbour wall.

Is north or south Cornwall better for surfing?

Weather varies from coast to coast and both will get good days when the other cloudy, but its impossible to predict, other than use local forecasts. Sea is generally rougher with better surf on the north, while the south has more safer beaches with less waves and more sheltered, better for small children.

Is Looe good for surfing?

Looe in South Cornwall is a fairly exposed beach break that has inconsistent surf. Winter is the favoured time of year for surfing here. Offshore winds blow from the north. Windswells are much more typical than groudswells and the ideal wave direction is from the south southwest..

Which side of Cornwall is best for surfing?

The best Cornwall surfing on the south coast comes courtesy of Praa Sands. This nice length of golden sand has a fun beach break that’s best ridden at mid tide on the push (close outs come at high and there are rips at low, but things are still doable).

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