Is Silver Surfer a hero?

Is Silver Surfer stronger than Thanos?

The Silver Surfer has “the power cosmic”, which lets him alter the fabric and energy of the universe. … Thanos has powerful survivability, and has curbed the Silver Surfer’s attacks in the comic books, but depending on the conditions, the Silver Surfer could be capable of destroying Thanos.

Can Silver Surfer fly without his board?

It apparently taps cosmic energy in much the same fashion as the Surfer himself, and although the Surfer could theoretically use the power cosmic to fly without his board, the construct enables him to do so without expending any of his own energy.

Can Superman beat the Silver Surfer?

But as Superman found when he first fought Doomsday, he can be beaten by a foe who is simply more powerful than he is. Silver Surfer is significantly faster than Superman which would give him a significant edge in a battle, despite the two being, arguably, equally strong.

Is Adam Warlock stronger than Silver Surfer?

3 Adam Warlock (At full-power)

Even without these additional items of power, Adam Warlock has shown himself to be a being of incredible power. He has used his abilities to generate energy blasts capable of disabling The Silver Surfer and Nova without effort.

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