Question: How do you seal a wetsuit seam?

What to use to sew a wetsuit?

Strong, water resistant (i.e. spit), dental floss is perfect for surf stitching. Once you’ve located a spool of waxed, wintery fresh floss, thread it on a regular sewing needle and tie off the other end with a few knots. Then, go to town.

Can you hem a wetsuit?

Most wetsuits are made from neoprene, and this is material that you can’t simply cut and sew in the same way you might adjust a hem at the bottom of a pair of trousers or a skirt. … On some wetsuits, a sealant compound is also added, to give further strength to the seal between two pieces of neoprene.

How do you rejuvenate a wetsuit?

Soak it in a tub with 3 inches of water for about 5 minutes a few days before your race. The Reason: All Wetsuits are kind of like sponges. When they are moist they are supple and flexible. Believe it or not, your wetsuits stay moist for days, even weeks between uses, though they appear dry… just like a sponge.

How do you wash a wetsuit?


  1. Clear the wetsuit using fresh water to remove any excess salt water or chlorine.
  2. Apply a small amount of pH neutral soap to the wetsuit and gently rub the wetsuit panels.
  3. Rinse the neoprene to remove any remaining soap.
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Do you need a special needle to sew neoprene?

Needle Type For Sewing Neoprene

What you need is a needle that is built to handle thick, tough fabrics like the 16/100 denim or jean needle. This size of needle can handle neoprene with ease and should not break on you as you work. Or you can go with a heavy-duty needle like the size 80.

How easy is it to sew neoprene?

It offers the most incredible support to structured pieces and is surprisingly easy to sew since it doesn’t require interfacing or linings like more lightweight fabrics. This fabric doesn’t need to be lined since neoprene is already thicker and comes with a built-in structured drape.

Is it difficult to sew neoprene?

Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber material which is normally sandwiched between polyester fabric. It’s incredibly difficult to sew with any sewing machine.