Question: How does Kino feel about his canoe?

Why is Kino’s canoe so important to him?

Passed down through three generations, the canoe symbolizes for Kino the tradition and culture of his ancestors. Its importance to him demonstrates how much Kino values both his ancestry and the ability to provide for his family.

How did Kino regard his canoe?

Kino’s canoe enables him to catch fish and carries him to deeper waters, where he dives for pearls. Steinbeck writes that Kino’s canoe was the “one thing of value he owned in the world” and was passed down through generations in his family. Symbolically, the canoe represents Kino’s heritage, culture, and family.

What does Kino’s canoe symbolize in the Pearl?

Kino’s Canoe

A means of making a living—both pearls and food—that has been passed down for generations, the canoe that Kino uses represents his link to cultural tradition.

What are Kino’s feelings?

Kino, a Mexican, pearl diver, is in desperate need of help when his baby, Coyotito, is stung by a scorpion. Kino feels his only hope is to find a pearl beautiful enough to sell. His dream comes true when he discovers a magnificent pearl one morning.

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Why was the canoe important?

Canoes were developed by cultures all over the world, including some designed for use with sails or outriggers. Until the mid-1800s the canoe was an important means of transport for exploration and trade, and in some places is still used as such, sometimes with the addition of an outboard motor.

What caused the damage to Kino’s canoe?

The wounds in the boat are an insult to his family and culture as well as damage to his property and harm to his livelihood. One reason that Kino’s canoe is so precious to him is because it was handed down to him from his father (and grandfather.)

How did Kino get his boat?

The canoe, an heirloom passed down to Kino from his paternal grandfather, is Kino’s sole asset in the world. … Kino and Juana slide the canoe into the water, Juana climbs in, and Kino pushes the boat away from shore. Once Kino boards, the two begin paddling out to sea in search of pearls.

How does Kino know he is about to be attacked?

As Juana prays for him, Kino slowly moves down the slope toward the pool. Twenty feet from the trackers, he crouches behind a palm tree to ponder his next move. His muscles cramp and tremble, but he knows he must act quickly before the moon rises. He unsheathes his knife and prepares to attack.

What reason does the dealer give for not liking Kino’s pearl?

The Pearl

What reason does the dealer give for not liking Kino’s pearl? He said it was fake
How does Kino decide tomake money when he realizes that the local pearl dealers are lowballing him? He decides to go to the capital
What does Juana propose to do with the pearl? throw it back in the sea or destroy it
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What did each person think of when he heard the news of the pearl?

The news of Kino’s pearl spread quickly across town. What did each person think of when he heard it? Each person thought of of their own doings with the pearl and did not think of others. … He wanted to treat Coyotito and to convince his father into giving the pearl.