Quick Answer: Where can I surf in Cape Town?

Can you surf in Camps Bay?

Glen Beach is in Camps Bay. This wave is definitely for the more advanced surfer, as it’s powerful and hollow. If you are a keen surfer, this is the spot for you, as it also boasts beautiful views of the Twelve Apostles Mountain. Best to surf it early morning, before the wind hits it.

Is Scarborough good for surfing?


Scarborough is the central hub of surfing in Yorkshire and for good reason. It has many locations suitable for all levels of surfers and many different conditions. If there are waves about, you can bet that one of Scarborough’s beaches is picking up the surf nicely indeed.

Can you surf at Clifton Beach?

When the swell gets bigger Clifton closes out and in any case, you would not choose Clifton when there are so many better surf spots to choose. There is also a small easy right or left off Cherry, an aptly named rock on the border of second beach, which works at high tide.

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