What kind of shoes do you wear for whitewater rafting?

Are chacos good for whitewater rafting?

Chacos. These are the guide favorite of river shoes. They are super comfortable and versatile for going from rafting to light hiking. Just be sure to wear them a few times before your river trip.

Is rafting safe for non swimmers?

Yes! You can go whitewater rafting without strong swimming abilities. While some swimming skills are a plus for any water activity, the Colorado Adventure Center offers a variety of rafting trips and aerial activities for non-swimmers.

How do you pack for a multi day rafting trip?

Packing List for Overnight Rafting Trip

  1. Clothes to paddle in.
  2. Shorts.
  3. T-shirt.
  4. Long pants.
  5. Long-sleeved shirt.
  6. Light or fleece jacket.
  7. Underwear.
  8. Swimming suit.

How do you prepare for white water rafting?

Follow these tips to make your rafting trip safer and more enjoyable.

  1. Book Early. …
  2. Consider Everyone in Your Group. …
  3. Pick a Professional, Licensed Outfitter. …
  4. Wear a Life Jacket and Helmet at All Times. …
  5. Hold Your Paddle Correctly. …
  6. Be Familiar With Proper Swimming Techniques. …
  7. Listen to Your Guide. …
  8. Don’t Bring Too Many Electronics.

Can you wear hiking boots white water rafting?

Barefoot – never an option. No stability in the raft and unsafe walking to/from or near the river. Hiking Boots – remain wet and heavy during a trip. Not safe for floating in rapids.

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How wet do you get white water rafting?

Sit Toward the Back of the Raft

Those who sit in the front of the raft will usually get wetter than anyone in the raft. The front of the raft usually hits the rapids first and the ensuing splash will get those in front as wet as rain. There’s no way around it.