What muscles does low row work?

Is Low Row A compound exercise?

A seated cable row is a compound exercise that utilizes a weighted horizontal cable row machine to work muscle groups in your back and arms. Cable machines include a bench for comfortable seating and foot plates to brace yourself against as you pull the weighted cable.

Are seated rows good for back?

A seated row is a strength training exercise that works the biceps and upper back which places it among the best upper back exercises. … Seated Row Muscles Worked: It tones and strengthens the upper body and works various muscles in the arms and back.

Which three muscles are used in the seated row?

During the seated row, the primary movers are the lats and rhomboids. The trapezius and biceps help the movement by assisting the lats and rhomboids.

These include:

  • latissimus dorsi (middle back)
  • rhomboids (between shoulder blades)
  • trapezius (neck, shoulders, and upper back)
  • biceps brachii (front of upper arm)

What is a drop set example?

A drop set is an advanced training technique specifically designed for muscle hypertrophy, which basically means making your muscles grow bigger through this program. … Drop set example, say your first set is 6 reps at 10kg, the next would be 8 reps at 8kg, then 10 reps at 6kg and so on.

What is better bent-over row or seated row?

The barbell bent-over row is a slightly more advanced activity. It’s a free-standing exercise, which requires more core stabilization than the seated row. If your hamstrings are inflexible and your low back begins to round, you may cause muscular strain.

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Are barbell rows worth it?

The barbell row is a fundamental exercise that will pack serious meat onto your back — and it does more than that, too. It also helps bulletproof your shoulders, building the back muscle needed to prevent your shoulders from rolling forward when you stand up, a common issue for lifters who bench press often.