When did whitewater rafting start?

When did rafting become popular?

The popularity of the spot grew throughout World War II and began to spread to other rivers. In 1972, whitewater rafting became an official sport and made its first appearance at the Munich Olympics. Since then, whitewater rafting has thrived in rivers with great rapids and where communities embraced outdoor adventure.

How old is Whitewater?

Six Flags White Water

Opened May 1984
Operating season May through September
Area 69 acres (280,000 m2)
Total 20

Has anyone ever died at Whitewater?

Whitewater deaths reached a peak in 2011, with 77 reported deaths.

Which features are unsafe on rivers?

Certain features on rivers are inherently unsafe and have remained consistently so despite the passage of time. These would include fallen trees, dams, rocks and high waterfalls. Rafting with experienced guides is the safest way to avoid such features.

Can a 4 year old go white water rafting?

There are many wonderful, scenic river rafting trips in California suitable for children as young as 4 years old. Tributary offers half-day rafting trips, where you can bring your own picnic lunch, as well as multi-day overnight trips that include meals and camping for a memorable family rafting vacation.

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