Where do you dive in Rust?

Where is loot underwater in Rust?

The Sunken Chest is a large box resembling a Large Wooden Box that can be found next to Wrecks. They contain a considerable variety of components and Tier 1 Workbench items. The chests themselves are often skinned with a variety of patterns, and are easy to spot underwater while using the Diving Goggles.

What can you find underwater rust?

What would underwater Rust be without some predatorial NPC’s? This is where sharks come in. Generally found patrolling near underwater loot spawns, these foes of the deep have 100hp, swim pretty fast, and won’t hesitate to attack your ass.

Is there loot in the ocean in Rust?

“Time to test the waters.” Rust’s content patch brought Underwater Labs to the survival game, giving players a good reason to go underwater. While open waters have always been a part of the survival game, Underwater Labs contain decent loot, the promise of adventure, and an excuse to test your sea legs.

What is scuba gear for in rust?

The second big feature is scuba gear. Players can now find a full set from crates around the island. Each piece has its own unique function and stat bonus. The goggles let players see underwater, for example, while the tank lets them breath while submerged for 10 minutes.

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Are there sharks in Rust?

The update also adds eight new types of fish “from Herring, Anchovy and Sardines to Yellow Perch, Catfish, Small Sharks, Salmon and Orange Roughy”. Something you might want to keep a little more distant from, however, are the sharks being added in this update.

How much is submarine rust?

One-man Submarine will cost players 100 Scrap, while a two-man Submarine will cost 200 Scrap.

How do you fill an air tank with rust?

The amount of oxygen left is indicated on the icon of the Diving Tank. It has a maximum of 600 seconds worth of oxygen. Similarly to the Jackhammer, once all the “durability” of the Diving Tank is gone, it can be refilled at a workbench.

Do you need keycards for underwater lab?

As the devs say in the announcement, “you will no longer find underwater labs that are only a couple of rooms in size, so they should all be worth a visit”. Red and blue keycards will no longer spawn, and loot crates will no longer spawn when people are close by. You’ll also find human-sized moonpools now.

How do you get rust drops from twitching?

In order to earn Twitch Drops in Rust, you need to watch participating Twitch streams between now and when the event ends on February 11th at 7:00pm UTC/2:00pm ET/11:00am PT.

Can you craft scuba gear rust?

After several weeks of teasing and speculation, diving gear is coming soon! Currently the items cannot be crafted and it consists of four clothing items including a diving wetsuit, fins, a diving mask, and a makeshift oxygen tank.

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