Who is the big guy in black sails?

Was Eleanor Guthrie a real person?

Eleanor Guthrie

Not quite a historical figure in her own right, Eleanor and her father represent members of the Guthrie clan, a Scottish merchant family who lived near Nassau and made a fortune dealing with the pirates.

Is Black Sails based on a true story?

The criminally underrated Starz period drama Black Sails is an intriguingly compelling mix of fact and legend, blending the fictional (characters from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel Treasure Island) with the real (Charles Vane, Edward Teach, and the pirate island of Nassau) to create something rich, propulsive …

Did Long John Silver have a peg leg?

Long John Silver is a cunning and opportunistic pirate who was quartermaster under the notorious Captain Flint. Stevenson’s portrayal of Silver has greatly influenced the modern iconography of the pirate. … Silver claims to have served in the Royal Navy and lost his leg under “the immortal Hawke”.

Who is Lord Ashe?

Peter Ashe was a British nobleman and former member of Parliament known for his political acumen. He later became the Governor of the Carolina Colony.

Peter Ashe
Title Lord Governor of the Province of Carolina
Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by James Flint)
Ships Unknown
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