Who is the owner of life saga yacht?

Does Bill Gates have a yacht?

Bill Gates does not own a yacht. Although he seems to have a penchant for life at sea, Bill prefers to rent super yachts rather than buy his own. Not only has Bill vacationed on one of the most expensive yachts in the world, he reportedly got married to his wife Melinda on one too!

Does James Bond own a yacht?

Featured in Daniel Craig’s first 007 movie Casino Royale, the US$4 million Sunseeker Predator superyacht served as villain Le Chiffre’s offshore ‘floating lair’ Casino Royale a yacht featured in the 2006 Bond movie of the same name, is available to rent – for a cool US$72,000 a week.

What is the net worth of John staluppi?

Staluppi, who according to website TheRichest.com has a net worth of $400 million, made his fortune in the automotive industry. His Atlantic Automotive Group in Atlantic City, N.J., is one of the top 15 dealerships in the nation, with revenue of more than $1 billion.

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