You asked: When was scuba first invented?

How long has scuba diving been around?

But, all made the sport of scuba diving what it is today. Scuba diving is a young activity – not even a century old if you go back to its earliest vestiges. It’s only 40 or so years old if you go back to when recreational scuba diving began largely as we practice it today.

What is the most important rule in scuba diving?

If you remember one rule of scuba diving, make it this: Breathe continuously and never hold your breath. During open water certification, a scuba diver is taught that the most important rule in scuba diving is to breathe continuously and to avoid holding his breath underwater.

Who is the greatest diver of all time?

Table: The Top Ranked Athletes from Diving at the Olympic Games (including 2021)

rank name rating
1 Wu Minxia 33
2 Chen Ruolin 30
3 Guo Jingjing 28
4 Fu Mingxia 26
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