You asked: Why does Radio 4 play sailing by?

Why is the shipping forecast on Radio 4?

Frequencies. The Shipping Forecast is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 because its longwave signal can be received clearly at sea all around the British Isles regardless of time of day or radio conditions.

What time is the shipping report?

The Shipping Forecast is broadcast on longwave Radio 4 at four precise times a day: 0048, 0520, 1201 and 1754.

Is sailing by still played?

The recording used by the BBC (performed by the Alan Perry/William Gardner Orchestra) was originally only available as library music, but has since 1997 been available commercially as track 11 on the second disc of the EMI CD set titled The Great British Experience (EMI Classics CDGB50).

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How do I listen to the shipping forecast?

Shipping Forecast | Listen to Podcasts On Demand Free | TuneIn.

Who sang We Are Sailing?

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