Best answer: How old is Finn from sailing zatara?

Where is Sv zatara now?

The current position of ZATARA is in Tasman Sea with coordinates -33.81908° / 151.31240° as reported on 2019-09-26 00:26 by AIS to our vessel tracker app. The vessel’s current speed is 6.1 Knots and is currently inside the port of SYDNEY.

Who are the sailing zatara family?

Sailing Zatara

  • Keith (51)
  • Renee (47)
  • Jack (18)
  • Kate (14)
  • Anna (20)
  • Finn (15)

How many subscribers does sailing zatara have?

How much subscribers does Sailing Zatara have on YouTube? Sailing Zatara has 390K on YouTube. With the full report, you can get access to comprehensive data and see a detailed views growth graph.

What type of boat is millennial falcon?

Welcome! We’re Adam and Khiara, a couple of rag tag Aussies. We set off on a journey of a lifetime in January 2018 and bought our floating home, a Tayana 42 Vancouver, which we called Millennial Falcon.

Where is Jason Wynn Nikki?

Now, they’re currently in the Pacific Ocean on their catamaran, exploring the world, they say, like it’s 1492, “Sailing across oceans, weather storms, and discovering adventures we don’t know exist.” But prior to living on a boat, they went off-grid, traveling in an RV. Nikki Wynn: Yeah.

What size boat is ZATARA?

Aboard the 59 foot Privilege 585 catamaran named ZATARA is; Keith Whitaker (50), Renee (46), Anna (19), Jack (17), Finn (14), Kate (13).

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How long is a Privilege 585 catamaran?

Total length: 17,82 m. L.W.L.: 16,76 m. Beam: 9,25 m. Standard draft: 1,75 m.