Do camo wetsuits make a difference?

Do you need a camo wetsuit for spearfishing?

All you have to do is choose one that best resembles your chosen spearfishing environment and you are good to go. This means that if you are fishing in green water, you should choose a camouflage suit that is green in color so that you can blend easily into the environment.

Do camo wetsuits help with sharks?

It helps to break up the person’s silhouette and their outline under water, just the same way that army camouflage does for people on land, but from the point of view of a shark looking, rather than a human looking,” says Hart, a specialist in visual neuroscience.

Do camo suits really work?

Assuming the camouflage is effective, most fish will be able to detect you with their lateral lines whether they can see you or not. So, if moving around and making a lot of noise, you won’t get any benefit from the camouflage. Mostly though, the camouflage is for the diver not the fish.

Does spearfishing wetsuit color matter?

As far as the suits, I think that the general consensus is that the color does not matter to fish. I have had plain black and green camo suits and don’t notice a difference in fish behavior.

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Do you need a wetsuit to Spearfish?

Spear fishing can involve quite a bit of swimming and underwater manoeuvring so you will need a wetsuit that can offer you freedom of movement and also warmth. If you are fishing in tropical conditions then a 2 or 3mm wetsuit would be ideal.

What kind of wetsuit do I need for spearfishing?

If the water is above 26C, then a 3 mm wetsuit is the best choice for going spearfishing. In other instances, if the temperature is above the 26C, then you need a thinner spearfishing wetsuit.

What do sharks hate the most?

Natural repellents

The Pardachirus marmoratus fish (finless sole, Red Sea Moses sole) repels sharks through its secretions. The best-understood factor is pardaxin, acting as an irritant to the sharks’ gills, but other chemicals have been identified as contributing to the repellent effect.

What colors do sharks hate?

Since sharks see contrast colors, anything that is very bright against lighter or darker skin can look like a bait fish to a shark. For this reason, he suggests swimmers avoid wearing yellow, white, or even bathing suits with contrasting colors, like black and white.

Can a shark bite through a wetsuit?

Basically, this means that in situations when personal deterrents (such as the Ocean Guardian Scuba7) do not prevent bites, shark bite injuries can be reduced through puncture-resistant fabric such as Kevlar neoprene.

What is the best Colour wetsuit?

Wetsuits are black mainly due to UV resistance and the low cost of coloring neoprene. Yet, the color black holds many inherent benefits, making it the optimal choice for any wetsuit. From keeping you warmer to withstanding sustained exposure to the elements, wetsuits are primarily black for a range of reasons.

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What Colour wetsuit is best for spearfishing?

Wetsuit Colour

People diving of spearfishing in clear, blue water tend to want a blue or blue camouflage wetsuit. Those hunting crayfish in rocky terrain tend to go for the browns. Divers or spearos on the reef might just go for a bit of a mix-up or multicoloured suit.