Does Jonny Weston surf?

Can Johnny Weston surf?

Weston has more than just the blonde, blue-eyed good looks and acting chops to portray Moriarty — he also happens to be an avid surfer with all the right skills for the part.

Does Gerard Butler actually surf?

Butler officially entrenched himself into the surf scene while filming Chasing Mavericks. Butler was taught to surf by Hesson himself while earning the respect of his professional surfing costars, including current Big Wave World Tour Champion Greg Long, who acted alongside Butler in the film.

Where was Jay Moriarity from?

Did Gerard Butler do his own stunts in Chasing Mavericks?

Like the daredevil teenage surfer whose incredibly true story is dramatised in this adrenaline-pumping biopic, Chasing Mavericks almost wiped out, but managed to ride its luck.

Who is Jay Moriarity wife?

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