How do I get a bee raft?

Where can I buy a honeycomb raft?

Summary. Honeycombs are collected from Natural Beehives or player-created Beehives. It is required to create a jar of Honey.

How do I get more bee jar in the raft?

Summary. Four to five Bee Jars are acquired when Bee Swarms are caught with a Sweep Net. While catching bees, be wary that the swarm may deal a small amount of damage while near the player.

How do you get milk in a raft?

A Bucket of Milk can be collected from the Goat by using an empty Bucket on it. This can be done every 5 minutes. The Goat must be fed from a watered Grass Plot.

How do you make a raft machete?

The Blueprint: Machete is found on Balboa Island, inside the Mama Bear’s Cave. Once acquired, the Machete can be used as a powerful weapon and can also cut down vegetation and tape that may block the player’s path.

How do you harvest honey on an island?

Obtaining. A jar of honey can be obtained by processing a honeycomb in a honey press. The honeycomb can be obtained by harvesting a bee hive.

What is Honey for in raft?

Uses. Used in Biofuel Refiner with raw food to create Biofuel. Can also be eaten to satiate Hunger, gain a bonus to Hunger and quench some Thirst.

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How do you make a biofuel raft?

After acquiring and researching the Blueprint: Biofuel Refiner, Biofuel can be made by combining Honey and Raw Food items in the Biofuel Refiner. After a short amount of time, a single can of Biofuel is produced.