What is the best time to surf in Bali?

When should I surf in Bali?

The more visitors prefer to come especially from May to October to experience a wide range of Bali/Kuta activities. June to August is even better to explore the entire Bali Island . For the best surfing as well as Bali surf lesson experience along the year, July has been admitted as the best month.

How much does a Bali surf trip cost?

Surf prices over there are relatively cheap – from $100-150 USD for a week. Trips around Sumatra, Mentawaii and other islands will be up to $700 USD. And of course dream surf spot – G-Land.

Is Bali surfing crowded?

Wave wise, Bali looks much like it did 50 years ago. Pumping seasonal swells have been bombarding the island recently and the COVID-19 pandemic has kept the line-ups at the more private spots fairly empty. Normally at this time of the year, the lineups around Bali are usually packed with wave-hungry visiting surfers.

Are there sharks in Bali?

Are There Any Sharks In Bali? … Short answer; Yes, there are sharks in Bali. There is a great deal of White Tip and Black Tip Reef Sharks around the reefs of Nusa Dua and Padang Bai, but they are pretty shy and no threat to humans.

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Why is Bali so good for surfing?

It’s a really fun place because there are so many different surf spots, the water is warm and it’s just a great spot to surf because there are so many good waves. You can go from one side of the island to the other and there will be good waves.

What part of Bali should I stay in?

Ubud, the best place to sleep in Bali and get around the island. Kuta and Legian, one of the most popular areas to stay in Bali. Seminyak, the best neighborhood in Bali to stay in. Canggu, one of the best places to stay in Bali.

How much does a surf trip to Indonesia cost?


Depending on where you are going and what level of luxury and service you are looking for, expect to spend between $30-$500 per night, taking into account accommodation, meals, transportation and surf guides.

Are surfing lessons expensive?

Yes, surf lessons are worth the cost. Having an experienced surfer to help you through the learning process is invaluable. Teaching you the basic fundamentals and safety procedures will boost your learning curve all while keeping you safe. And most importantly you’ll just catch so many more waves.

Where can you surf in Bali?

Living in South Bali for surfers fall into three places. Bukit/Uluwatu, Canggu, and Kuta.

South Bali

  • Canggu/Old Man. West Coast. Best for beginners.
  • Balangan. West Coast. …
  • Padang Padang. West Coast. …
  • Sanur. East Coast. …
  • Serangan. East Coast.
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