When swimming the backstroke where should your face be positioned?

What is the position of the face in the water in backstroke?

Correct head position is to face directly upwards, ears just under the water surface with the neck in a neutral position. If you can achieve this position then the rest of your body stands a good chance of being in the correct position so, that being horizontal and flat on the water surface.

Where should your eyes look while swimming backstroke?

HEAD AND BODY POSITION: Your head should be straight up, not moving, with your eyes looking at the sky. Arch your back so your hips and stomach are at the surface. Get your tummy up! KICK: You cannot swim backstroke without a good kick.

Where should your head be when swimming?

Because your lungs are full of air, they serve as the fulcrum for your balance in the water. Think of your body as a teeter-totter, with your chest being the pivot point. Because swimming requires your head to be in front of your spine, it leads the way for the remainder of the body.

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Why do I sink when I swim backstroke?

Causes for Sinking Legs

Having your hips and legs sink while swimming backstroke can have the following causes: 1) You don’t lean back enough in the water. Leaning back presses your lungs down in the water. … 2) You don’t keep your body straight but bend at the hips.

Why is breathing is not restricted when swimming backstroke?

Breathing Technique

Breathing is not restricted when swimming backstroke, because you are on your back and your face is above the water. … It is also possible for water to splash into the face during the recovery of the arm stroke. Therefore, it makes sense to synchronize breathing with the movement of the arms.

Which is often considered to be the most difficult stroke in swimming?

Butterfly expends the most energy of the three, and is usually considered the hardest stroke by those endeavoring to master it.

What kick is used in the flutter kick?

Flutter-kick meaning

A swimming kick used in crawl and backstroke in which the legs are extended straight back and alternately moved up and down with a slight bend in the knee on the upward movement.

Should you turn your head to the side to take a breath or should you lift your head completely out of the water?

Your head should start to turn for the breath just after your fingers have entered the water. You rotate from the neck first and then the rotation of your shoulders will take over. As your arm extends out in front of your shoulder and your body rolls to the side your mouth will clear the water.

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How do you keep your body straight when swimming?

Engaging your core keeps your body in a straight line, which makes you glide through the water more efficiently. Engage your core by just pulling in your belly button slightly. This will keep your core tight. Last but not least, your feet should be high at the surface while swimming freestyle.

How do you keep your head down while swimming?

By lowering your head in the water, particularly as the lead hand enters the water (the fastest point in your stroke cycle), you actually allow the wave to go over your head and let that wave drag just pass you by. 2. When you lift your head, your backside sinks down in the water.