Where can I surf in South Wales?

Can you surf near Cardiff?

Porthcawl’s Coney Beach is a well-located surfing beach for those who are based in Cardiff and other eastern areas of Wales. … Generally, because of the wind hitting the shores of Wales, sheltered beaches are a good bet for clean waves.

Where are the biggest waves in Wales?

Known as the most consistent surf spot in Wales, Freshwater West is straight from the pages of a book about surfing and is the site of the Welsh national competition. The beach holds a fast, hollow, sand bar wave at low tide. When the swell is at its biggest, people tend to opt for the reef in the middle of the bay.

Is Porthcawl good for surfing?

Throughout all its incarnations, surfing has remained one of Porthcawl’s life-bloods and it’s a great place to live if you love wave-sliding.

Can you surf at Tenby?

Tenby South beach has been known to hold an awesome wave in big winter swells, although this is seldom seen. This spot only really works a couple of times a year when wind and swell conditions are perfect.

Is Cardigan Bay good for surfing?

Cardigan Bay is great for surfing, it might not have the biggest waves, but the sea is clean and in the right conditions the surf is good. Poppit Sands Beach especially where the river Teifi meets the incoming tide can get strong currents. Life guards are only on the beach at high season.

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Is the Mumbles good for surfing?

With the second greatest tidal range in the world and some of the finest surfing beaches in the UK, watersports are a speciality here… … Langland and Caswell Bays, both just a few minutes drive from Mumbles, also offer superb surfing.

Can you surf near Snowdonia?

Welcome to Adventure PArc Snowdonia

There are few places on the planet where you are guaranteed perfect consistent surf, but as good fortune would have it one of them is in North Wales. Adventure Parc Snowdonia is home to our world-first surf lagoon and the only guaranteed surf breaks in the UK.

Is Abersoch North or South Wales?

Abersoch is a pretty seaside village on the South side of Llyn Peninsula, North West Wales. It’s beaches and shore line run along Tremadog Bay which is a large inlet of Cardigan Bay which is defined by the Cambrian and Llyn coast.