Where should you keep your hands during the elementary backstroke stroke?

What is the correct body position in the elementary backstroke Glide?

Initial Position and Glide Phase

2) Your head is in a neutral position, in line with your body. 3) Your face is above the water and turned upwards. 4) Your arms rest along your body. 5) Your palms face your body.

Where should your hands start the stroke?

By overreaching the hand, the initial pull must begin with an out sweeping motion, resulting in a zig-zag motion down the pool. The shortest distance to the end of the pool is a straight line, so enter the hand directly above the shoulder and swim straight.

Is elementary backstroke good exercise?

Backstroke works to tone the stomach, legs, arms, shoulders and buttocks. It’s great for improving the flexibility of your hips. Great for office bound workers.

What is the purpose of elementary backstroke?

1.2 The elementary backstroke is often used as a tool for beginner swimmers. Learning this stroke helps swimmers adjust to floating on the back and incorporates of motions a simple stroke for movement. The elementary backstroke is also used as a rescue tool.

What is it called when the arms or legs relax and return to the starting position?

Recovery. The phase of a stroke when the arms or legs relax and return to the starting position.

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Should my fingers be together when swimming?

The best way for competitive swimmers to hold their fingers is to spread them slightly apart so they rake the water, a new study finds. … The researchers explained that as fingers spread apart, some water slips through them. However, the resulting turbulence can limit the flow of water between the fingers.