Your question: Can you wear glasses with scuba mask?

Can scuba diving be done with spectacles?

No you cannot do scuba diving with glasses. The design of eyeglasses means that the arms of the glasses that clip over your ears do not allow the plastic or silicon skirt of the dive mask to seal correctly over your face.

How do I get a prescription dive mask?

There are a few ways to get prescription dive masks. You can make a true prescription mask by having custom lenses added to existing scuba diving masks. You can also find masks that allow for drop-in corrective lenses, letting you make a prescription dive mask that suits your individual needs.

Are there any snorkel masks that fit over glasses?

Best Prescription Snorkel Mask Recommendations

  • Cressi Focus Prescription Dive Mask.
  • IST Prescription Snorkel Mask.
  • Promate Optical Corrective Snorkel Mask.
  • Promate Prescription Purge Mask Dry Snorkel Combo.
  • Scuba Choice Nearsighted Prescription Snorkel Mask.
  • The Mask.
  • Bonded Corrective Lenses.
  • Custom Prescription Lenses.

How much does a prescription snorkel mask cost?

The benefit to this drop-in lens method is that it can be relatively affordable and quick. Quality masks start at about $50, and the lenses start at around $30 for each side. So for about $110 you can get a good mask with prescription lenses.

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Can you scuba dive without a mask?

Mostly the skill of breathing without a mask is a safety thing to ensure you can still breathe if your mask is flooded or dislodged. Nose plugs solve the breathing without the mask problem, but they complicate the equalization of the mask during the other 99.99% of your diving.

Why do dive masks cover the nose?

Why do scuba divers wear masks that cover the nose and not just goggles? Goggles seem lighter and handier. The reason is that the nose pocket of a diving mask is needed to compensate for increasing pressure as you dive deeper. The nose pocket allows the diver to blow air into the mask, equalizing the pressure.

Can you wear glasses under water?

Water acts as a magnifier, so if you plan on only wading in the pool, you might be able to get by with wearing your glasses, but if you want to go under water for any length of time, prescription swimming goggles or a snorkel mask will help you correct your vision while underwater.

What is a corrective mask?

These corrective lenses are usually available in half-diopter increments and cover the most common visual requirements. You buy the mask, the dive store replaces the glass in the mask with the prescription lenses that most closely match the spherical equivalent of your glasses prescription and you are ready to go.

Are promate masks good?

Promate makes two really good masks, this one-the Raven- and the other is the Shamu. They are both really good. However, the Raven usually costs a little bit more. This is your chance to get the Promate Raven mask at a great price.

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Do prescription snorkel masks work?

A cheap but very good solution for those who normally use reading glasses only. The removable prescription dive mask inserts work the best if you don’t have complicated eye problems. They provide help with reading close things underwater like the screen of your waterproof camera or dive watch.