Your question: What is a good swell period for surfing?

What is considered a long period swell?

Longer period swells (10-20 second+ interval) are generally the result of an area of low pressure somewhere in the Pacific (North Pacific or South Pacific), with its wind’s blowing over a large expanse of water.

What is the average period of swell reaching the shores of the US?

That is, there is anywhere from 3-8 seconds between each wave crest. Wind waves range from 9-12 seconds. Ground swells range from 13-15 seconds, and strong ground swells have a period anywhere from 16-25 or more seconds.

Are 2 ft seas rough?

2 foot seas are great for fishing but can be rough for snorkeling. Its a little difficult to keep your head in the water when you are being bounced about by waves smacking you. You can check the weather report before setting out for the day, there’s usually a NOAA weather station on TV in the keys.

What is a comfortable wave period?

Re: Wave height / Period /Wind speed comfort

I’ve always felt that a wave period (in seconds) of 1.33 times the wave height (in feet) generally provides a comfortable ride. A wave period equal to, or less than, wave height (square waves) will be very uncomfortable.

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Can you surf 2ft waves?

While you may prefer bigger waves over smaller, you can absolutely surf 2 foot waves. Although 2 foot waves may sound tiny, they’re perfectly surfable. In fact, what’s called a 2 footer may technically be 3 or 4 feet due to the way surfers measure wave height. … This can be a fun challenge in your surfing ability.

Is low tide good for surfing?

The best tide for surfing in most cases is low, to an incoming medium tide. Keep in mind low-tide on shallow surf breaks jack the waves up higher, leaving less room between the water’s surface and ocean bottom. Always know the area you’re surfing and avoid shallow reef and rock obstacles if possible.

What is the difference between a wave and a swell?

Waves are generated by wind moving over water; they indicate the speed of the wind in that area. Swell are waves (usually with smooth tops) that have moved beyond the area where they were generated.

How is swell predicted?

Swell period is an important factor in surf forecasting. It is a measurement of time between successive waves in seconds. If you multiply the swell period by 1.5 you will calculate the speed in knots of the wave group for deep water. Waves travel in groups, with the individual wave traveling twice as fast the group.

Do longer period waves travel faster?

Wavelength increases as period increases. Longest waves travel fastest away from storm. Longer waves travel faster (C=1.56*Period). They also decay slower.

What is secondary swell?

When the primary swell is between 6 and 8 metres, second swell is included if it is greater than 2 metres and from a different direction. When the primary swell is between 8 and 10 metres, second swell is included if it is greater than 2.5 metres and from a different direction.

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