How big is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area?

How much does a Boundary Waters trip cost?

Standard Expedition Complete Outfitting for the BWCA Package Rates (Per person)

3 Days 8 Days
5-9 Adults $340 $670
Solo Trips $409 $793
6 and Under Free Free
7-13 Years $190 $355

Who owns the Boundary Waters?

The Boundary Waters belongs to all of us. There are many places to mine, but there is only one Boundary Waters. As American citizens and public landowners, we should all feel proud to stand up on its behalf. As I grew up in the Twin Cities, I considered the Boundary Waters my own special place.

Are the Boundary Waters closed?


Most of the BWCAW closure has been lifted, with exception of the John Ek/Whelp fire closures and entry points associated with the Greenwood Fire and Gunflint Trail Closure.

Do cell phones work in the Boundary Waters?

Q: Will my cell phone work in the BWCA & Quetico? Do not count on your cell phone working while in the wilderness. Sometimes you can get lucky, but the best way is to have a satellite communication device with you. Call ahead to reserve.

Why are the Boundary Waters important?

The Boundary Waters provide critical habitat for wildlife including lynx, moose, bear, deer, walleye, bass, trout, pike, grouse, and waterfowl, making the region an ideal place for hiking, paddling, fishing, camping, and hunting.

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