How do I open a canoe log file?

How do I open an ASC file in a CANoe?

Just use the CAPL command to replay a file: dword StartReplayFile(char fileName[]); Starts playing the replay file with the name fileName. (Taken from CANoe documentation).

How do I save a CANoe log file?

Right-click in the trace window, select Import/Export -> Export… , enter the file path and name, choose *. asc as file format, click Save . You would also like to give light on the ‘Data history’ option present in the File-> Options->Measurement-> Data history.

How do you open a CANalyzer?

connect the USB of the CAN tool to the PC; 2. Open CANalyzer; 3. On the top of the software, click Configuration->Network Hardware; 4. If you could see the figure of the CAN tool you connected, it’s done.

How do I open a trace window in a CANoe?

There is a buffer where CANoe stores the data for the Trace window. You can configure the type of this buffer (memory or hard disk) and its size. Go to Options -> Measurement -> Data History to change your settings. You can also configure the size of the visible data range there.

What is a Regtrans MS file?

REGTRANS-MS files are created with the Microsoft Common Log File System, a Windows component used to create transaction logs. They contain transactions, and read and write information about changes to the user or system registry restore data, which is stored in the NTUSER. DAT or SCHEMA.

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What is a .BLF file?

Log file created by the Common Log File System (CLFS), a Microsoft Windows component used for creating transaction logs; contains metadata that is used to manage access to the log data; can be created using the CLFS (API); used with “containers,” which are associated files that hold the log data.

Can I log ASC format?

asc format. This log file contains all the CAN messages present on the network. … The rows can be identified by specific CAN ID. For example, if the entire log file has a total of 1000 rows, it could be shared between two CAN IDs as 500 rows with CAN ID ‘222’, and the rest of 500 rows with CAN ID ‘333’.

How do I import a BLF file into a CANoe?

To be a little more specific:

  1. Set the offline mode in the standard toolbar.
  2. Click on the configuration tab, usually at the bottom of the window. You will see the Measurement Setup window.
  3. Double click on the Configuration of the Log Files block – there you can add your recorded log file (should be in . blf format).

What is the difference between CANalyzer CANoe and CANape tools?

The behaviour of the Trace window in CANoe/CANalyzer and in CANape is different – due to a different product philosophy. … at measurement stop in CANoe: no further messages will be shown in the Trace window. In CANape, messages can still be sent e. g. with a script.

Can database editor?

The CANdb++ Editor is a variant of the CANdb++ Admin with reduced functionality. Its main purpose is the analysis and adaptation of existing DBC databases. The creation of smaller databases is also possible with the CANdb++ Editor.

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How do I install an interactive CANoe generator?

Step1: Select “Simulation” Option. Step2: Select “Simulation Setup” (A new window will open). Step3: Select CAN under CAN networks. Step4: Select “Interactive Generators”.

There you will get different option as:

  1. Add Frame from database.
  2. Add CAN FD Frame.
  3. Add CAN Frame.