How do you feather a row?

Which hand do you feather with?

The weight of the oar is in your outside hand and the inside hand feathers. It is OK to bend your wrist in sweep for feathering.

Is sculling or sweeping harder?

However in sweep the balance depends on both you and the person rowing on the other side and as an athlete you’re less aware of the effect your movements are having on the boat. In sculling it’s only you and you learn faster. All scullers can sweep. Many sweeper’s can’t scull.

What does feathering mean in rowing?

The rower pushes the oar handle down so the oar blade comes out of the water. Just as the oar blade is being removed from the water, the rower rotates the oar handle 90 degrees so that the blade is again parallel to the water. This action is referred to as feathering.

What is a feathered oar?

(Naut) to turn it when it leaves the water so that the blade will be horizontal and offer the least resistance to air while reaching for another stroke. See also: Feather.

How do you row faster in water?

Here are some key elements that will help you to get a better length of stroke and connection to the water:

  1. Good hang on the lats with extended arms if possible.
  2. Good body posture sitting up especially on the recovery after rock-over and at the catch.
  3. Good hip rotation.
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