Is Byron Bay good for surfing?

Is it safe to surf in Byron Bay?

Byron Bay enjoys a well earned reputation as a family friendly place for surfing and swimming. … Now Byron Bay is still, a very safe place to bring the littlies. It’s still a great place to learn to surf, and it can still turn on some world class waves for both longboarders and shortboarders alike.

What is the water temperature in Byron Bay?

Today’s Byron Bay – The Wreck sea temperature is 69 °F.

Does Byron Bay have sharks?

A shark has been filmed just metres from surfers and the shore as it glides through the shallows in Byron Bay. … The area between Byron Bay and Evans Head, particularly Ballina and Lennox Head, is known for hosting lots of big sharks.

What should I look for when buying a wetsuit?

Fit is everything, and to ensure you don’t feel any nasty shocks of cold water you need to get the size right. A wetsuit should fit like a second skin. The wetsuit needs to heat a thin layer of water evenly around your body to regulate your body heat. Therefore, it needs to be tight to your body to work.

How do I know what wetsuit to buy?

A wetsuit should fit like a second skin with no sagging in the back or excessive bunching in the arms or legs. It should fit tight in order to keep only a thin layer of water between your body and your suit.

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Is Byron Bay overpriced?

Byron Bay is now the most expensive place in Australia to purchase a house, and locals who did not buy before the boom face the prospect of being forced out of the northern New South Wales tourist mecca.

Which is better Byron Bay or Noosa?

Byron is a great spot and well worth the visit however I would choose Noosa for a longer stay because there is a lot more to do around the Noosa area if you were on a longer stay. Geography wise, Noosa offers a lot more as it has not only the beaches but also the salt water lake and river system to explore.