Is Kate still yachting?

Is Kate done with yachting?

As the boss of whatever motor yacht she worked on (below Captain Lee, of course), Kate announced in February 2020 that she would be retiring from yachting, choosing to pursue a life onshore. Unfortunately, this also meant she would be departing from her hard-earned position as a fan favorite on the hit franchise.

Why did Kate quit Below Deck?

Captain Lee was caught off guard when his long-time chief stew Kate Chastain decided not to return to Below Deck after season 7. … But apparently she wasn’t happy with her career as chief stew and had other endeavors she wanted to pursue. So she made her exit from the series and started a new career on dry land.

Did Kate from Below Deck get fired?

Kate Chastain from Below Deck slyly dished about the number of times she’s been fired during her yachting career. While she retired and was not fired from the series, she joked with Connie Arias about getting fired pre-Below Deck during Below Deck Galley Talk.

Are captain Lee and Kate still friends?

Captain Lee Rosbach and Kate Chastain may not be co-workers anymore, but they’re still BFFs. The Below Deck captain recently had the cutest reunion with the former chief stew, taking to Instagram to share a peek into their sweet get-together.

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Is Kate Chastain a good chief stew?

She’s the best chief stew I’ve seen on the series and I really respect everything about the way that she’s doing it,” Kate said. “She’s funny, she’s great at her job. I’m really impressed with her.”

How much does Kate make on below deck?

Kate Chastain likely makes somewhere in the region of ten to twenty thousand minimum per episode. The estimation is speculative, based on comments she has made about earnings per charter.

Is below deck real or staged?

Below Deck is an unscripted reality show following a yacht crew, but the Bravo TV series isn’t quite an accurate depiction of a yachtie’s real life. … However, the yachting reality series isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. According to the crew, it’s not even the same as working on a yacht in real life.

Why was June let go on below deck?

June Foster joined the cast of Below Deck Med in season 4 for a few episodes as a stew. … After seven episodes, Captain Sandy found a new chef for the yacht and forced June to leave so Anastasia could have her job back. June was understandably upset and told Sandy she did not think her decision was “very nice.