You asked: Can you put speakers on a jet ski?

Can you add speakers to a jet ski?

Can You Add Speakers to a Jet Ski? The three most common ways to add speakers to a jet ski are with portable Bluetooth speakers, DIY add-on speakers or integrated sound systems, and professional aftermarket audio installation.

How do you listen to music on a jet ski?

Portable is the Best Option

It won’t’ matter where you go, even if you beach the watercraft or chill on the water, you’ll have a Battery Powered Bluetooth Speaker to keep the music going. Try to get the Bluetooth speakers that are waterproof because that is where it will be used most often.

Which jet skis have speakers?

Which ones are they? The most popular jet skis that boast in-built audio systems and stock speakers come from manufacturers like Sea-Doo or Kawasaki. For example, the Sea-Doo GTI SE, Wake Pro, or the Kawasaki STX or Ultra models boast powerful on-board audio systems and speakers.

How much does it cost to install speakers on a jet ski?

The newer PWC’s are getting better at this but still something to be aware of if you are tall like me. Having a professional do this will cost somewhere between $1-2 thousand depending on the quality of equipment you decide to go with.

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