You asked: What is a BCD for scuba diving?

What does a scuba BCD do?

A buoyancy compensator also called a buoyancy control device, BC or a BCD is valuable scuba diving equipment containing a bladder which is worn by divers to establish neutral buoyancy underwater and positive buoyancy on the surface, when needed. The buoyancy is controlled by adjusting the volume of air in the bladder.

What is a good BCD?

The Best Scuba BCDs of 2020

  • Cressi Travelight BCD.
  • Atomic BC2 BCD.
  • TUSA Liberator Sigma II BCD.
  • Zeagle Covert BCD.
  • Genesis Drift BCD.
  • Mares Prestige SLS BCD.
  • Scubapro Hydros Pro Men’s BCD w/Balanced Inflator.
  • Sherwood Avid CQR 3 BCD.

How do I inflate my BCD?

To orally inflate the BCD:

  1. Take a breath from your regulator, and remove it from your mouth. …
  2. Place the power inflator’s mouthpiece in your mouth.
  3. Press the deflate/oral inflator button, and exhale into the power inflator.
  4. Replace and clear the 2nd stage, and continue the process until you are neutrally buoyant.

What do you put in a BCD?

If you’re one who believes that having BCD accessories could mean the difference between safety and exposing yourself to risks underwater, then consider adding these clip-ons to your BCD in time for your next adventure.

Storm Whistle

  1. Storm Whistle.
  2. Ultimate Survival Jet Scream Whistle.
  3. Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Whistle.
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How should a BCD fit?

A BCD should fit you like a comfortably–fitting coat; it should allow you to move freely without binding or slipping. The ideal BCD fit includes: Snug, but not tight around your mid-section and arms/shoulders. Straps should cinch across your body comfortably, but shouldn’t have slop or feel constrictive.

Are cressi BCD good?

The Cressi Travelight is the best dive BCD in 2021 – and it’s the BCD I’ve bought myself. … The Oceanic Excursion is an excellent full wing-style BCD. It’s heavier than the two above, but comfortable to wear, and provides more lift and weight capacity for technical and cold water divers.

How much does BCD cost?

For example, fins and masks are generally inexpensive while a wetsuit and BCD can cost several hundred dollars. When purchasing a complete set of new gear, expect the bill to be around $1000 – $2000.

What is BCD lift capacity?

BCD Lift – How much do you Need? Simply put, lift capacity is a measurement of how much weight the BCD can hold on the surface when the bladder is fully inflated.

How do you test BCD?

How to Perform a Scuba Buoyancy Check

  1. Enter the water (fully geared up) with your BCD fully inflated.
  2. Once you are comfortable, breathe in and hold a normal breath.
  3. While you hold your breath, slowly let all of the air out of your BCD.
  4. If you are correctly weighted, you should float at eye level with the water.